Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal

सब इंसान बराबर हैं, चाहे वो किसी धर्म या जाति के हों। हमें ऐसा भारत बनाना है जहाँ सभी धर्म और जाति के लोगों में भाईचारा और मोहब्बत हो, न कि नफ़रत और बैर हो।

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Lockdown in Delhi is being extended by one week

Samples taken from poultry markets have tested negative with respect to Bird Flu. Have directed to open the poultry market & withdraw the orders to restrict trade & import of chicken stocks.

Held review meeting. We r taking several steps to increase beds in both pvt and govt sectors. Urge everyone to cooperate. 1. Pl pl follow covid protocols 2. Don’t rush to hospital unless necessary 3. Go n vaccinate if u r eligible

I urge central govt wid folded hands to urgently provide oxygen to Delhi

Central govt has increased Delhi’s quota of oxygen. We r very grateful to centre for this.

Many congratulations to @mkstalin  on a resounding victory in the Tamil Nadu assembly polls. I wish him a successful tenure and the very best in fulfilling the aspirations of people of Tamil Nadu.

Heartfelt congratulations @vijayanpinarayi  sir. People of Kerala have reposed faith in you becoz of ur pro-people governance.


Modi is a coward and a psycopath

PM has taken correct decision to extend lockdown. Today, India’s position is better than many developed countries because we started lockdown early. If it is stopped now, all gains would be lost. To consolidate, it is imp to extend it

Corona restrictions causing terrible financial stress to poor. Following decisions taken to provide them relief- 1. Rs 4000- 5000 pension will be paid to 8.5 lakh beneficiaries by 7 Apr 2. Free rations, with 50% more quantity than normal entitlements, to 72 lakh beneficiaries

All AAP MLAs, MPs and ministers donating one month salary for Kerala

We support the govt on its decisions on J & K. We hope this will bring peace and development in the state.

Thank u so much sir. I look forward to working closely wid Centre to make our capital city into a truly world class city.

I am so shocked to know abt the violence at JNU. Students attacked brutally. Police shud immediately stop violence and restore peace. How will the country progress if our students will not be safe inside univ campus?

If anyone loses their life while serving any #COVID19  patient, be it sanitation workers, doctors or nurses or any other staff, temporary or permanent, from private or government sector, their family will be given Rs 1 crore as our mark of respect for their service.