Ari Fleischer

Ari Fleischer

Ex WH Press Secretary. I run a communications co. whose clients are sports organizations, athletes & corporations. Go Yankees/Dolphins. FOX News contributor.

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Welker keeps interrupting Trump. She has yet to do that to Biden.

Welker does not need to be so stringent about asking every question on her list. Ten seconds for a rebuttal? Let them talk if they want to.

“All talk and no action, just like a politician”. Good line. Kind of sums things up.

Joe Biden is lying: His Ukraine policy created a conflict of interest that diplomats warned about

When I was WH spokesman, I do not believe I knew or would even recognize the chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, or most any agency for that matter. They weren’t in meetings with POTUS. They were not high ranking WH officials. The media got played by anonymous.

“Every time you read...that an anonymous source is “senior,” interpret it as “junior”. Anon sources have occasionally been necessary for journalists. Their overuse, mischaracterization, &lack of accountability in the age of of control.”

I disagree with Glenn a lot, but I have always been impressed by his willingness to stand on his principles. The MSM as a fair and impartial news source is collapsing around us. His story is a good example how and why.

“My choice in the 2020 general election is between a personally offensive outsider who signs good policies into law and a professionally offensive politician who will turn bad ideas into law. This is why I will vote for Trump.”


I rewatched the start of the debate. The 1st Q went to Trump who gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then Biden gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then it went back to Trump, whose answer was interrupted 3 times by Biden. If you didn't like it, blame Biden for starting it.

I hope the press digs into this. Did Biden really have the answer to this Q pre-loaded into his teleprompter? This is why we have the press: to dig in and get answers.

Knowing what we know now, it’s fair to conclude: 1. Clinton campaign colluded w someone suspected of being a Russian spy. 2. MSM fell for it & got duped by Steele dossier. 3. FBI, knowing Steele sub-source was thought to be a Russian spy, conducted an improper investigation.

Sorry. Under the Constitution, a Supreme Court justice doesn’t get to pick the next president. A president gets to pick the next Supreme Court justice.

Michigan held a primary on August 4, two weeks ago. Almost one million people voted in person. There were 801 new covid cases in MI on 8/4. There were 653 new cases yesterday. In-person voting can be done safely. Ds and media need to stop scaring people about in-person voting.

James Comey already admitted the manner in which he set up the FBI meeting with General Flynn was deliberately not done by the book. So why would anyone believe Susan Rice’s odd, CYA, last-day memo to herself?

Doing this to an elderly couple, simply because they attended President Trump’s speech. Why?

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Pence just cleaned Biden’s clock on foreign policy, from Jerusalem to ISIS to NATO to the Iran deal.