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Biden, who once said his entire soul is for unity, can’t bring himself to condemn harassment of a US Senator. If you’re trying to help bring about unity, you condemn behavior like this. Biden excuses it. via @YahooNews 

More people illegally entered America today than the number of protesters at the J6 Capitol rally. The MSM gave the barely attended rally WAY more coverage. Because that’s how bias works.

“After some progressives object”. The D party is no longer a pro-Israel party. It’s been a long, steady decline and today it reached this breaking point. It’s a shame. Democrats to nix $1B for Israel's Iron Dome from bill to avert shutdown | TheHill

I used 2b for a path to citizenship for those who came illegally, but now I oppose it. There’s a method to the D’s madness of letting everyone in: they want to give illegals social benefits, let them vote, and win elections. Come legally, or pay the price.

Trump called the press the enemy of the people, but he let them do their jobs and ask questions daily. Biden doesn’t use those words to describe the press, but he treats them that way, judging by his refusal to let them do their jobs by asking questions. Which is worse?

This article calls illegal immigration “irregular migration”. It’s simply amazing the length some media will go to twist words and change the English language as they seek to protect liberal interests. I’m sorry - illegal immigration is illegal.

There is no Taliban 2.0. There’s only the one that President Biden allowed to return to power.

House moderate Ds keeps getting played, first by Pelosi and now by Biden. They were promised two chances to vote on bipartisan infrastructure. But there is no vote. Bipartisanship has no chance. The progressive agenda comes first. It’s like Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football.

It doesn’t matter what Biden says. It only matters what people coming here illegally say: “Interviews with nearly three dozen Haitian migrants in Haiti, Texas and Mexico indicated that virtually all expected to be granted entry to the United States.”


Resist. Overturn. Boycott. Surveil. Leak. Impeach. And now they tell us it’s time to heal. Where were they for the last four years?

I just switched to NBC since ABC is in a commercial. Savanah Guthrie has interrupted Trump in these 60 seconds more than Stephanopulos has done to Biden in 40 mins. NBC is an interrogation. ABC is a picnic.

I hope the press digs into this. Did Biden really have the answer to this Q pre-loaded into his teleprompter? This is why we have the press: to dig in and get answers.

James Comey already admitted the manner in which he set up the FBI meeting with General Flynn was deliberately not done by the book. So why would anyone believe Susan Rice’s odd, CYA, last-day memo to herself?

Knowing what we know now, it’s fair to conclude: 1. Clinton campaign colluded w someone suspected of being a Russian spy. 2. MSM fell for it & got duped by Steele dossier. 3. FBI, knowing Steele sub-source was thought to be a Russian spy, conducted an improper investigation.

Michigan held a primary on August 4, two weeks ago. Almost one million people voted in person. There were 801 new covid cases in MI on 8/4. There were 653 new cases yesterday. In-person voting can be done safely. Ds and media need to stop scaring people about in-person voting.

This makes no sense. A judge (the sister of Stacey Abrams) ruled that when someone tells the US Postal Service they have moved they still can vote from their old address. Rules have no meaning any more. This is nuts.

Sorry. Under the Constitution, a Supreme Court justice doesn’t get to pick the next president. A president gets to pick the next Supreme Court justice.

Doing this to an elderly couple, simply because they attended President Trump’s speech. Why?

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