Ari Fleischer

Ari Fleischer

Ex WH Press Secretary. I run a communications co. whose clients are sports organizations, athletes & corporations. Go Yankees/Dolphins. FOX News contributor.

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When Bernie Sanders said billionaires shouldn’t exist, I wonder if he was thinking of Michael Bloomberg.

@RichAzzopardi  NY has the highest combined sales and income tax rate in the country, at 12.7%. (Source: ). NY has the 4th highest property tax of any state. So stop with your excuses. NY is a tax disaster, which is one reason why so many New Yorkers are moving out.

@RichAzzopardi  @NYGovCuomoI  knew you weren’t substantive enough to finish what you started. You can’t talk taxes because you have no case to make. You can’t deal with how the state is losing population so you change the subject. NY has problems. Obviously, you have no solutions.

“Across the Middle East, from Baghdad to Beirut, the citizens of countries thought to be part of Iran’s axis of influence have begun to revolt against Tehran.”

So much for protecting whistleblowers. I guess there are good ones and bad ones and the media get to decide.

To put the political consequences of the Trump presidency into perspective, since Trump was elected, Rs have lost 329 seats in state legislatures. At the same point in the Obama presidency, Ds lost 768 seats. MSM is exaggerating election 2019. A little perspective is needed.

Maybe what he writes is true and maybe it’s not true. This author should have had the courage to put his name on his writings. If he feels so strongly, then resign, write a book and let people judge. But to hide his name - this is just marketing.

If any of Erdogan’s thugs who carried out these attacks show up this week, I hope they will be arrested and tried. There should be no diplomatic immunity for behavior like this.


Anyone notice what the FBI Director did not do? He did NOT hold a news conf 2release the bureau’s findings. He did NOT decide what conclusion a superior agency (Justice/Senate) must reach. He did NOT make himself the center of attention. I hope James Comey was watching.

There was a time when MSM would have gone into a feeding frenzy against a Congressman who stopped the other party from asking Qs. Not to mention MSM would have raised a storm about secret hearings w secret transcripts. Not any more. MSM now takes sides.

Now that Mueller says there was no collusion, it is time to scrutinize the Obama Administration. They spied on a US campaign, wiretapped Americans, bit on the dossier and unmasked Flynn. What did Barack Obama know and what and when did he authorize it?

This denial is angry. This suggests she doesn’t have the temperment to be a Member of Congress. When someone is accused of something they didn’t do, they must not be angry. They must not be defiant. They must not question the motives of the accuser. They must be calm and serene.

Joe Biden Repeatedly Asked Agencies To Do What Son's Clients Wanted

I don’t care what your politics are, this tribute to our military on America’s Independence Day is beautiful and inspiring.

“Hunter took the position with a Ukrainian natural gas company just a few weeks after his father visited Ukraine in 2014 to urge its government to increase its natural gas production. Hunter Biden had no expertise in Ukraine or natural gas.”

I wish I could remember who said this so I could properly credit them: “If you cheat to get into college, you go to jail. If you cheat to get into the United States, you get free college.”