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Andy Staples

Regional personality in the Piggly Wiggly footprint. Text: @TheAthletic. Bloviating: @SXMCollege and The Andy Staples Show. Yes, I know what the initials spell.

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Join me and @AriWasserman  right now on YouTube as we discuss the Jaden Rashada story and those wild contract numbers.

This Best Catch thing is like the dumbest version of the dunk contest, but I can’t look away.

The deciding flag football game should involve only linemen.

Also, Kirk is taking this entirely too seriously.

Guys, Varsity Blues invented the spread offense. Show some respect.

It also invented the whipped cream bikini.

@brandongilbert  It feels like going to Arizona State with no deal and no expectations helps reset that. He would have been doomed at Florida.

From what we’ve been told? $0.


The Internet is an amazing place.

As I lay my head on the pillow following championship Saturday, I’ll think only of this: Lane Kiffin is a head coach in the SEC again because a guy pretended to pee like a dog on the field. God bless America.

Mike Leach had a law degree but never practiced law. He had strong opinions about shrunken heads, ancient military tactics and cargo shorts. He also changed the way nearly everyone at every level of football plays offense. Goodbye to one of one.

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There is football on every night from now until the Monday after Thanksgiving. We truly live in the most wonderful of times.

If Grand Canyon University can create the biggest party in college basketball out of thin air, your school has no excuse for putting on boring basketball games.

Imagine it's December 2017. UCF is undefeated. USC has just won the Pac-12. You walk up to a random college football fan and say this: "The last straw for Scott Frost at Nebraska will be losing to Clay Helton's Georgia Southern team." Does that person call the cops?