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Anand Giridharadas

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It's an absolutely fearsome time here, and I encourage every supporter of the president to heed his wise words and stay far away from New York City.

This is not an abstract battle about a remote institution. This is a war over what your life is like.

The other really terrifying thing right now is the way they shake cocktails at all these bars that have to-go cups. They shake and shake and shake those drinks in a way that suggests violence. What did that gin ever do to that campari, and how did the vermouth get involved?

And please stop acting as though if you retired, there would be no human beings to replace you. The world would go on. Take rest.

One “admiring” thing I will say about the Republican Party is it doesn’t have Dianne Feinsteins: people who pretend to belong to it and then do the bidding of the other side whenever it most counts.

The saddest literary genre is the one where you tell us what you should have done when you actually had the power and opportunity.

The tell-all memoir in the Trump era is what philanthropy is for business: an attempt to get on the right side of history retroactively instead of having just done your job right.

“Weissmann reveals that the real reason for not compelling the president to be interviewed was Mueller’s aversion to having an explosive confrontation with the White House.” Got it. What a joke.

They don’t want an extra Supreme Court seat just to have one. They want it to be able to keep enriching themselves and wringing you dry.


The government cannot “lose money” on a constitutionally mandated function any more than parents can “lose money” on a child.

Massive congrats to Donald Trump for educating millions of Americans about critical race theory and the 1619 Project.

Imagine writing something so important that a president who can't read goes to war with it.

Then, @sherylsandberg , why are you enabling the forces that would destroy her legacy?