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NEW: Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine shows 93% efficacy through six months, the company says, adding they expect to complete submission for FDA full approval this month

JUST IN: NYC Mayor announces “first in nation” requirement of vaccines for indoor dining, fitness, entertainment

NEW: Vanguard, one of the world’s largest asset managers, confirms to CNN it's offering employees $1,000 to get vaccinated.

FL superintendent sends letter to Gov pleading for temporary mask mandate, writing: “In the last ten days alone, before school has even opened, four school-aged children in Leon County have been admitted to local hospitals. Two of our Pre-K teachers are currently in the (ICU)”


JUST IN: Nike says it will not support lawmakers who “voted to decertify the Electoral College results”

JUST IN: Facebook has taken down Trump ads "for violating our policy against organized hate," it said.

NEW: California officials tell CNN they anticipate nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die due to abnormally hot underwater conditions as heat waves continue.

I asked President Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan, if his dad would recognize the Republican Party right now. His answer: “He would be horrified by the Republican Party right now, the spinelessness in the face of the pathological entity in the White House right now would shock him.”

NEW: Michigan bans open-carry of guns at polling sites on Election Day

NEW: Two travelers from the US fined nearly $20K each for providing false vaccination information to Canadian authorities, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Dr. Fauci says "anti-science bias" is "one of the problems we face in the United States".... "and that's unfortunate because, you know, science is truth," he said.

BREAKING: US surpasses 11 million #coronavirus  cases. It took just 6 days to go from 10 million to 11 million.