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I want my kids back in school —badly! But HOW to do it safely is the million dollar question. I didn’t hear a plan from @BetsyDeVosED  in her interview with @DanaBashCNN . If you heard a plan please share!

NY is closely monitoring an uptick in #COVID19  cases in Rensselaer county – a number of which are being investigated as being linked to several individuals who tested positive for the virus after returning from Georgia, according to the NY Gov’s office.

PELOSI: “When you hear what the administration is saying, we know that they have no appreciation for the failure that has brought us to this point. Going back to school presents the biggest risk for the spread of the #coronavirus . They ignore science & they ignore governance”

WH #Coronavirus  Task Force member Adm. Brett Giroir warns in an ABC interview that with the rising number of cases, “we do expect hospitalizations to go up” and “we do expect death rates to go up too.”

Adm. Giroir also says “there is a possibility it could be worse in the fall,” and adds “I do think in the fall we are going to need tens of millions of more tests per month.” #coronavirus 

BREAKING: Florida smashes record for daily new #coronavirus  cases with the FL Dept of Health reporting 15,300 new cases today on it's website -- a record for any state in the U.S.

Three Arizona teachers who shared a classroom got #coronavirus . One of them died.

"All three teachers wore masks and gloves, used hand sanitizer and socially distanced, but still got sick according to school officials at the small community in the eastern part of the state."

Approximately 580 Defense of Department medical personnel are headed to Texas to support #COVID19  efforts, according to a statement from US Northern Command.

New CNN reporting: White House officials raise questions about Dr. Fauci for openly disagreeing with President Trump in favor of science #coronavirus 


JUST IN: Facebook has taken down Trump ads "for violating our policy against organized hate," it said.

Dr. Fauci says "anti-science bias" is "one of the problems we face in the United States".... "and that's unfortunate because, you know, science is truth," he said.

The Native American who apparently was being mocked by teens wearing MAGA hats in a viral video says he has "fear for those youth, fear for their future, fear for their souls, their spirit, what they're going to do to this country."

NEW: Ohio Gov Mike DeWine says a member of the Ohio National Guard had been removed from the mission in Washington D.C., after the FBI uncovered information that the guardsman expressed white supremacist ideology on the internet, prior to this assignment.

FAUCI: "I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times and not sugar-coating things. And that may be one of the reasons why I haven't been on television very much lately." (in interview w/ the Financial Times)

PENCE: “We don’t want the guidance from the CDC to be the reason schools don’t open up.” #COVID19 

Statement from Congressman Cummings’ wife, Maya, on his passing: “He worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the highest and best expression of our collective humanity and that our nation’s diversity was our promise, not out problem.”

JUST IN: Texas Gov just issued statewide order requiring a mask or face cover in public

#BREAKING : A European intelligence official tells CNN that Russian intelligence officers for the military intelligence GRU had recently offered Taliban militants in Afghanistan money as rewards if they killed US or UK troops there.