Minister / Morrison / Frydenberg / Lodge / Treasury

You’d think at some point, between the curries, the pool playing and watching Yes, Minister, Morrison could have let his new bestie Frydenberg in on the fact they were not only sharing The Lodge, they were also sharing Treasury

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Minister / Morrison / Frydenberg / Lodge / Treasury

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According to a whistleblower, the FBI: -Falsified statistics on domestic violent extremism cases -Deprioritized child trafficking cases to focus on January 6th. -And misused SWAT teams to make misdemeanor arrests Where does it stop?

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng declines to comment as pound hits all-time low against US dollar

Petrol bomb attacks in Tamil Nadu. BJP's @Narayanan3  hits out at DMK. Advocate @irajashekaran  says "whoever is involved in this kind of crime should not be spared." #6PMPrime  @Akshita_N  #Kerala 

Italy’s 1st woman prime minister is B A S E D. Chills watching this.

We are facing a deadly crisis at the southern border because Joe Biden did 3 things when he came into office: 1️⃣ He halted construction on the wall 2️⃣ He reinstated catch and release 3️⃣ He ended the Remain in Mexico policy #BidenBorderCrisis  #TribFest22 

For anyone not concerned in 2022 about America's free and fair elections, remember that Mussolini and ruling fascists supposedly “won” the 1934 Italian “election” by gaining 99.84 percent of the vote.

Watch this. It's full of made up straw men (like the idea that the left is attacking family identity) and fake populism (the right isn't actually interested in fighting consumerism), but it's good encapsulation of the international new right.

The largest planet in the solar system will be closest to Earth in 59 years tonight. @imsktripathi  reports #Jupiter  #JupiterOpposition2022Opposition2022 

A very revealing Donald Trump quote about why he ran for president