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You know that when the truth is told, you can get what you want or you can just get old ???? ?-ifyouseeamy/pyjamapolitics

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If you missed it - @cameronwilson  on a very important story - How Sky News quietly became Australia’s biggest news channel on social media

No one will be surprised to learn I have no idea what I am doing - the fault most definitely being, in myself

$1.2bn for an unlawful program which impacted a "small cohort" which turned out to be 400,000 people and no one is responsible.

Scott Morrison on whether Stuart Robert should lose his job, over continuing a program the government was warned was potential unlawful - "I would say that the minister has been the one working together with the AG having identified the issue of sitting a making it right" (cont)

This is a very hard lockdown-no outdoor exercise, no rec activities outside, no hospitality/take-away, no elective surgery - and I understand the reasons why. Still, thinking of those going through things like fertility treatments who may miss out of retrievals etc. ❤️

@steph_dalzell  has done great work highlighting the challenges facing Australia’s migrant communities because of language barriers during the pandemic. Today she reports the government relied on Google translate instead of translators,to relay information

Angus Campbell: "The report notes that the distorted culture was embraced and amplified by some experienced, charismatic and influential non-commissioned officers and their proteges who sought to fuse military excellence with ego, elitism and entitlement"

Queensland to open to greater Sydney from December 1 - Victoria likely to follow very soon


I'm really glad that Curie managed to take a break from crying to discover radium and polonium #distractinglysexy 

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We didn’t name the Aspen couple. We didn’t name the 50th birthday Noosa people. We didn’t name the security guards. Stop searching for people to blame in the middle of a life changing pandemic. People have fucked up. But identifying people only causes more harm

The same people who screamed bloody murder over the medical evacuation bill having the *potential* to allow people of bad character into the country (where they will remain in detention) are now defending a convicted pedophile based on ‘evidence’ they were not in court to hear

This is all I have left to say. Thanks to everyone who called this out today

Koalas apparently using the two hours a day they are awake to take down the NSW government.

Watching the panic buying, heightened tensions and me first attitude on display – and all before the pandemic actually hits - I get the fear. But once the dust settles, surely no one can look at a refugee again and wonder why they did what they had to do, to flee war or famine.

It’s not a “history war” to say there was slavery in Australia. It. Is. Our. Actual. History.

Remember when Sally McManus said she believed in breaking unjust laws - in relation to non-sanctioned strike actions and government MPs lost their collective minds about union thugs trashing the rule of law? Now a minister is literally ignoring a court order and the AG is all 🤷‍♀️

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How the fuck was personal information on two teenagers given to a media organisation in the first place? We need to know where they’ve been, yes. But there is no reason to know who they are, or anything else not related to public health.