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Trump DOJ investigation statement contains two key revelations: former FBI official

Cambridge history professor explains why it’s way too soon to give up on Biden’s presidency

Here’s what Ron DeSantis' COVID fight with the FDA is really all about

GOP state majority leader slams far-right MAGA rep for proposing Wisconsin retract electoral votes for Biden: 'It is illegal'

Mayor who promotes city’s 'progressive leadership' blocks taxpayer funds over library’s 'homosexual materials'

Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer if vaccines are good

Jan. 6 committee wins big as John Eastman loses fight to hide records​

Trump's Lou Dobbs interview goes off the rails as he rants about his publisher struggling to find leather for his new book

Economist Paul Krugman explains why so many Americans are 'very down on' a booming economy


Feds 'deliberately targeted' BLM protesters on orders from Trump and Barr: report

"Everything Ken Starr says in defense of the president, there are going to be clips to contrast with that, and I think it's going to end up doing is just underscoring the hypocrisy here, and the hypocrisy of the Republicans more generally.” — @Susan_Hennessey 

Is Trump’s pathological narcissism dooming him to become the ‘worst president in U.S. history’?

Father of 14-year-old shooting victim: ‘My daughter is dead at the hands of the state’

Veteran former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner thinks that while the political will may not be there, as far as the law goes, prosecuting Trump for negligent homicide in the Covid crisis would be straightforward. We discuss on this week's #WeveGotIssues 

‘We are all Andrew Yang’: Mitt Romney stuns observers with proposal to give every adult American $1000 during coronavirus outbreak

Florida is now blocking medical examiners from releasing COVID-19 death totals

Texas megachurch pastor tests positive for COVID-19 after suing to reopen schools