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Trump’s chief of staff caught on tape admitting the U.S. is ‘desperate’ for immigrants

Democrats finally brought the knives out at a debate — and it was glorious

Russia is interfering on Trump’s behalf again — and he’s enraged that Congress now knows it: report

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How the professionalization of the military quashes much-needed dissent

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Trump Supporters Go into Meltdown Mode Over Moby’s Latest Music Video

5 Black Women Have Been Found Dead in Jail This Month #SayHerName  #BlackLivesMatter 

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“This will go down as one of the most corrupt presidential administrations ever.” — @therickwilson 

Watch: Stunning video emerges of Devin Nunes defending a protestor who called civil rights icon John Lewis the N-word

Republican Official Caught Purging Tens of Thousands of Black Voters from His Own Election for Governor

"Everything Ken Starr says in defense of the president, there are going to be clips to contrast with that, and I think it's going to end up doing is just underscoring the hypocrisy here, and the hypocrisy of the Republicans more generally.” — @Susan_Hennessey 

Bernie Sanders Takes His Populism to the Red States – and Draws a Huge Crowd. #BernieSanders 

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