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Retired PA firefighter Robert Sanford was arrested & charged after allegedly throwing a fire extinguisher which hit 1 Capitol Police officer in the head, ricocheted & hit a 2nd officer, who was not wearing a helmet, in the head, & ricocheted & struck another officer in the head

Presidential historian @BeschlossDC  hints that “Trump people have not stopped plotting against our democracy. He joins me 8aET to discuss the damage Trump can do before he leaves. #velshi 

BREAKING: The National Park Service will close the National Mall immediately & until 1/21, after the Inauguration. Those holding existing permits will be allowed on BUT will be limited in number & participants will be security screened.

Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard as part of national vaccination plan

1/13 On the night of Thursday, May 28th, I was standing in front of a burning liquor store at the corner of E. Lake St. & Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis. 3 days had passed since the killing of George Floyd by police. #velshi 

We’ve seen two very different reactions from the public to the #BLM  protests vs. Capitol Hill protests for obvious reasons. Activist @MsPackyetti  joins me 8aET to discuss the double standard fueled by racism on @UPonMSNBC . #velshi 


Retweet if you paid more than $750 in federal income taxes.

I’m hit in the leg by a rubber bullet but am fine. State Police supported by National guard fired unprovoked into an entirely peaceful rally

So, @realDonaldTrump , you call my getting hit by authorities in Minneapolis on 5/30/20 (by a rubber bullet, btw, not a tear gas cannister) a “beautiful thing” called “law and order”. What law did I break while covering an entirely peaceful (yes, entirely peaceful) march?

Let’s just remember the 57 members of the Buffalo Emergency Response Team HAVEN’T retired from the police dept. They simply left that team. They are still getting salaries. Paid for by taxpayers. Maybe they should be fired.

It’s now confirmed that when Trump went on Hannity on Thursday night and said “I just went for a test, and we’ll see what happens, I mean, who knows,” he already has the positive result and knew he had coronavirus.

Trump said today “No true supporters of mine could ever endorse political violence.” On 9/18/20 he said: “This guy Welchi, he got hit in the knee with a canister of tear gas, and he went down. He was down. 'My knee. My knee.’ was the most beautiful thing.”

An 18-yr veteran of the Houston Police has been relieved of duties & has resigned after participating in the storming of the Capitol. Chief Art Acevedo says, “There is a high probability this individual will be charged with federal charges and rightfully so.”

I’m the one who got hit and I don’t tell the story this much.

Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax, VA is changing its name to John R. Lewis High School