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4/9 For some tragedies, we find solace by personalizing them: like the body of a Syrian refugee child washed ashore, images of those lost in 9/11, or memorials of soldiers killed in combat. Seeing those faces, hearing their names, allows us to connect with the loss #velshi 

5/9 In this pandemic, we often don't see the faces of those we lost. We don't see the pain of the families suffering from the loss of a life cut short by a virus over which we have no control. We don't see those fighting to survive on ventilators for weeks on end. #velshi 

6/9 It's easier for some to dwell on our own hardships: the nuisance of a mask, the closed bars & restaurants, the distance from friends & family—even though we know how close death can be. #velshi 

7/9 A Sienna College Research Institute poll taken in April found that 1 in 8 Americans said they knew someone who had died from the virus. It's a number that is only likely to increase. In NYC, nearly 46% of residents know someone who has died from coronavirus #velshi 

9/9 Here’s what we can do: we can continue to be cautious, mindful of our actions & our space. We can continue to put science & compassion above our own interests to protect the vulnerable. Let's remember the 100,000 souls lost, even if we didn't know them. #velshi 

As states reopen, let me remind you of a somber milestone we're about to hit: 100,000 deaths in the United States from COVID-19. Millions more were or are still sick. #velshi 

Trump senior adviser: We expect ‘a lot of economic pain over the next few months’ #velshi 

Baltimore mayor: Trump should honor those who served by staying home @mayorbcyoung  #velshi 

Adm. Stavridis: Trump’s isolationism is destroying our ‘greatest advantage’ on the world stage @stavridisj  @ianbremmer  @gzeromedia  @EurasiaGroup  #velshi 

Memorial Day Monday 5/25 4pE I’ll host #RoadmapsFestival  ‘20 discussing systemic flaws unveiled by #Covid  & bold ideas for a more resilient future w/ @theIRC ’s , @DMilibands  @columbia_ncdp  & @IrwinRedlenerMDmp ; E @planningchangeizabeth  Clemants. Register:


RIDDLE ME THIS: Trump says folks who aren’t symptomatic & haven’t been in contact with anyone who has tested positive shouldn’t get tested. Rand Paul isn’t symptomatic & says hasn’t been in contact with anyone who tested positive RAND PAUL TESTED RAND PAUL TESTED POSITIVE How?

2/26 “The 15 (people) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to 0” 2/28 “One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear” 2/28 “This is their new hoax” 3/12 “It’s going to go away” 3/17 “I’ve felt that it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic”

Hey @AmbJohnBolton , on behalf of ALL of my colleagues at @NBCNews  @MSNBC  and, frankly, ALL journalists, come and talk to us now and tell us the things Senators won’t invite you to tell them. Time is short. Let’s get the whole story out.

Trump just called the “My Pillow” guy up to the podium in the Rose Garden. You cannot make this stuff up.

BREAKING: The United States has now had 1,500,045 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 90,190 deaths. At this rate it is likely to reach 100,000 deaths sooner than CDC models predict, at the end of June.

After states were told to procure their own ventilators, Colorado ordered 500, but FEMA cancelled the order to buy them itself. THEN Trump says CO can have 100 “at the request of Sen. Gardner”, a politically endangered Republican. Fmr. Gov. @hickforco  joins me 1 @TheLastWordp 

Trump is literally making ZERO sense in this press conference. It’s not that he’s lying. I don’t know if he’s lying because it’s incoherent. And he appear to be reading. It’s truly incredible

BREAKING: in a MAJOR intervention into financial markets, the Fed will inject $1.5 TRILLION dollars. It’s a move designed to prevent a sharper economic contraction than what may already be underway.

Trump: “Ventilators are complicated equipment. I would say more so than a car.” No, actually they aren’t more complicated than cars.