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Intel: #Biden ’s pick for top intelligence official vows to report to Congress on Jamal Khashoggi murder via @JM_Szuba 

Biden’s nominee for secretary of state says the administration would immediately review the terror designation of Yemen's Houthi rebels by @ElizHagedorn 

Hamas is making it clear that it seeks to improve its relations with Arab countries, but it seems it is not ready to pay a price in return by @ahmadme44502893 

Tehran claims there have been no informal preliminary talks with the incoming US administration, but signs of economic relief are already appearing in Tehran’s forex market

Clashes between police and protesters in Tunisia continue, days after the North African country marked the 10th anniversary of the revolution that set off the region’s Arab Spring uprisings

The Turkish government imposed advertising bans on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest over the platforms’ noncompliance with a controversial social media law human rights advocates say could stifle online free speech by @DiegoCupolo 

US President Donald Trump on his final full day in office bestowed a prestigious award on Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Qatar has agreed to renew its grant to the Gaza Strip despite reconciliation with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, which previously requested Doha cut ties with Hamas


After at least 27 former Turkish diplomats were arrested as suspects in an alleged conspiracy, there is mounting evidence that many of them were tortured and threatened with rape @amberinzaman 

Turkey has again cut water supplies to northeast Syria, risking hundreds of thousands of lives in the midst of the pandemic and soaring temperatures via @amberinzaman 

Photo of the Day: A pair of homemade prosthetic legs, belonging to 8-year-old Maya Meri, is seen at a prosthetic center in Istanbul, Turkey, July 5, 2018 (photo by Reuters/Osman Orsal). . . . #photooftheday  #turkey  #prosthetics 

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The downside of a close relationship with the Trump administration is becoming more apparent to the Saudis

The Turkish government has been holding secret talks with Israeli officials in recent weeks in an effort to normalize relations via @amberinzaman 

Gazan medical staff received training inside #Israel  on the novel #coronavirus  in unpublicized coordination between #Hamas  and Israel

#Saudi women recently launched a hashtag #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen  calling for an end to the male guardianship system

Turkish cop photographed killing Kurdish student walks free by @PinarTremblay