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Has Egypt succeeded in calming situation on Gaza border?

A verdict was widely expected in Turkey today for the Amnesty International case, but a court postponed the trial until April

More than just making do with blind admiration, some Israeli journalists are actually taking part in Netanyahu’s reelection campaign, @shlomieldar  writes

Lebanon’s new government has its work cut out for it

Erbil's citadel and grand central market are living examples of the city's cultural heritage, which is both distinctly Ottoman and shaped by its local setting

Two weeks after elections, Israel will witness a serving prime minister be put on trial for the first time in its history @BenCaspit 

#Turkish officials and politicians visiting the Turkish Republic of #NorthernCyprus , which is recognized as a state only by #ankarapasif  have refused to meet with its president @TurkeyPulse 

A song of praise: Netanyahu’s court journalists

A #Turkish  court acquitted prominent philanthropist #OsmanKavala  and eight co-defendants in a high-profile case that has highlighted the malleability of #Turkey ’s politicized justice system @amberinzaman 


After at least 27 former Turkish diplomats were arrested as suspects in an alleged conspiracy, there is mounting evidence that many of them were tortured and threatened with rape @amberinzaman 

Iraqi politicians call to expel US troops following Trump visit

Photo of the Day: A pair of homemade prosthetic legs, belonging to 8-year-old Maya Meri, is seen at a prosthetic center in Istanbul, Turkey, July 5, 2018 (photo by Reuters/Osman Orsal). . . . #photooftheday  #turkey  #prosthetics 

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In a bid to operate Sudan’s largest port terminal, Dubai ports giant DP World has hired a former Israeli intelligence official to lobby the US for support @atallmanonearth 

#Saudi women recently launched a hashtag #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen  calling for an end to the male guardianship system

Saudi Ambassador to the US Khalid bin Salman, who has faced criticism for his handling of Jamal Khashoggi's death, has left Washington for the second time since the killing