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Two girls found murdered in Syria's notorious Islamic State camp Al-Hol by @AlkanjSultan 

“This affair proves that it is too soon to write off the PA,” a senior Israeli military source told @BenCaspit .

#Iran's World Cup players sing anthem before beating Wales

A couple of weeks after the vote of confidence for Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s government, Iraq's House of Representatives has already completed the reading of several major bills.

Is Istanbul prepared for the "big one"?

The Netanyahu-Ben-Gvir agreement to legalize 65 settlement outposts in the West Bank has angered the Palestinians, in the absence of any political solution by @ahmadme44502893 

Many fans, both local and from various other Arab states, are unhappy with running into Israelis or even hearing Hebrew spoken outside the stadiums and in the streets by @AfifAbuMuch 

Gulf sovereign wealth funds are flush with cash from an oil windfall, controlling more than $3 trillion worth of assets. Here's how they'll invest it

Due to the dizzying price increases in the past two years, at least one in every two students in Turkey faces malnutrition today by @nimetkirac 

A fire in a residential block in the densely populated Jabaliya refugee camp killed 21 people as Civil Defense crews were unable to control the flames amid their modest capabilities by @Rashaaboujalal1 


Iraqi Kurds spurn Turkish goods to back Syrian kinsmen

Turkey's first nuclear plant, which is being built by the Russians, will be an important regional asset for the Kremlin, emerging as another potential security threat for NATO. (by @elisabethmalom1 )

#Saudi women recently launched a hashtag #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen  calling for an end to the male guardianship system

As the Turkish government ramps up its anti-LGBTQ stance, Mabel Matiz, one of Turkey’s most popular queer artists, says he will continue to write songs that inspire public conversation on taboos.

The right-wing Likud party will be the most moderate group in Israel's next coalition government, writes @mazalm3 .

Online payment company PayPal is blocking transfers to Palestine with no explanation. Palestinians are now speaking out about how this discriminatory practice is impacting their livelihoods.

The Hagia Sophia's damaged 1,400-year-old imperial gate could be the first of many disasters in the world heritage site due to neglect by @PinarTremblay