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The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the hawkish #Washington  think tank that advocates for a hard line on #Iran , formally registered to lobby #US  policymakers

#Russia may be eyeing a long-term lease for an airfield in the #Syrian  city of #Qamishli , raising speculation that it's planning a third military base in the country @Max_A_Suchkov 

#Palestinian President#MahmoudAbbas  has finally given his consent for #Qatar  to pay to extend an #Israeli  gas pipeline to the #GazaStrip 's power station

Recent events have ended any possibility of engagement by the #ArabJointList  with Blue and White party leader #BennyGantz  @daoudkuttab 

#Bahrain 's king recently visite #Egypt  's president to discuss national and regional security efforts #Iranian  interventionism and bilateral cooperatio @AhmedGomaa252 

It is hard to believe that as the most experienced person in the field, #Netanyahu  never considered what would happen as a result of this targeted assassination @IsraelPulse 

Congress’ efforts to constrain #DonaldTrump ’s activities in #Iran  and the #PersianGulf  have stalled @Brykharris_ALM 

#OperationPeaceSpring undeniably revealed what was long feared @PinarTremblay 

#Turkey has continued to attract a steady trickle of economic migrants and asylum seekers from #Iran 


After at least 27 former Turkish diplomats were arrested as suspects in an alleged conspiracy, there is mounting evidence that many of them were tortured and threatened with rape @amberinzaman 

Iraqi politicians call to expel US troops following Trump visit

Photo of the Day: A pair of homemade prosthetic legs, belonging to 8-year-old Maya Meri, is seen at a prosthetic center in Istanbul, Turkey, July 5, 2018 (photo by Reuters/Osman Orsal). . . . #photooftheday  #turkey  #prosthetics 

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Saudi Ambassador to the US Khalid bin Salman, who has faced criticism for his handling of Jamal Khashoggi's death, has left Washington for the second time since the killing

#Saudi women recently launched a hashtag #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen  calling for an end to the male guardianship system

Iraqis demand action as popular archaeological site neglected