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Adam Serwer ?

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There's going to be a lot of fake history about Roe today in order to make it sound like the argument should end here, but it won't for the same reason Roe didn't start or settle it

The majority on the court is not content to simply make these decisions, they expect to treated with a royal deference by the public whose rights they are annihilating, and also for the press to lie about what is happening at their behest

@big_socialist  it took them five decades and at least three of the justices they appointed didn't do what they wanted them to do. it's just not correct that they get immediate results. They just didn't stop when they didn't get what they wanted the first or fiftieth time.

@jonathanchait  ACB aside the point of saying "roe sure is precedent " is that it's descriptive, it doesn't mean they like the precedent. the point is to avoid saying what we all knew they believed or deny what we all knew they believed

@jonathanchait  I wasn't disagreeing with you, just commenting on the weird citing of these quotes describing roe as precedent like they were commitments to not overruling roe. they're answers crafted precisely to avoid declaring their intention to do just that

we might see less ritualized anger on social if there was more of it from their elected representatives

Perhaps the least surprising thing I’ve ever seen

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Brett Kavanaugh Has Learned His Lesson, by Susan Collins (with apologies to @DougJBalloon )


Some people out here who think police murdering a black 12 year old with a toy gun is justified suddenly get really into forgiveness and grace when a white teen loses his chance go to Harvard.

Watching the Roy Moore re-endorsements I'm reminded of the many, many times I've seen white people on cable news arguing black culture is excessively tolerant of criminal behavior.

“I’m voting for the tax cuts not the racism” isn’t a thing. It’s a package deal.

White people insisting their European ancestors came “legally” during a period where the US had open borders and didnt even require immigrants to learn english is one of the dumbest and most harmful myths guiding our current politics.

That Chance tweet is an example of a larger problem, which is viewing the presidency as a vessel for your hopes and dreams rather than as a job that requires particular skills/talents/temperament/knowledge to do well

The “are you triggered snowflake????” crowd is somehow on day 3 of a sputtering tantrum over a razor blade commercial

Here is my response to Alito, who demands to be seen as apolitical while acting politically, who demands civil discourse while he smears his critics, and who describes the press as sensational for rejecting his mischaracterizations of verifiable facts.

The cruelty is the point. The cruelty is the point. The cruelty is the point.

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Black writers spent five years saying what this was, where it came from, and where it could lead. Their critics snickered about “wokeness,” condescended from their columns, think tanks, and tenured positions, and lied to themselves thinking they’d never have to face it.