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@marty_lederman  @NancyPelosiah . so the message is not only that Trump is great for workers and gets big deals, but democrats can't actually do that on their own and need Trump to do it. And also he's a threat to the republic and must be immediately removed.

This story on Sundance buries the lede, which is that Burns is in the Pepe the Frog documentary that got selected (which I am also in, but that is far less significant)

@marty_lederman  @JeffGremillionI  @NancyPelosi 'm saying handing the president a frictionless victory on a major campaign promise without extracting a single concession from the WH on an ongoing effort to rig the next election is unconscionable, while also undermining the idea that impeachment is anything more than theater.

@marty_lederman  @JeffGremillionT  @NancyPelosihe  WH is still wholesale obstructing Congress. So fictionless. Either the Republic is in danger and impeachment is necessary, or it's not that big a deal and congress can do business as usual.

Here is my prediction: Klobuchar is gonna get a moment before all this is done. (Maybe more, but at least a moment)


Some people out here who think police murdering a black 12 year old with a toy gun is justified suddenly get really into forgiveness and grace when a white teen loses his chance go to Harvard.

Watching the Roy Moore re-endorsements I'm reminded of the many, many times I've seen white people on cable news arguing black culture is excessively tolerant of criminal behavior.

“I’m voting for the tax cuts not the racism” isn’t a thing. It’s a package deal.

White people insisting their European ancestors came “legally” during a period where the US had open borders and didnt even require immigrants to learn english is one of the dumbest and most harmful myths guiding our current politics.

Robert E. Lee was a traitor, a brute and a slaver who wouldn't even trade black union soldiers taken prisoner for the lives of his own men because he saw black people as property to be owned.

"You don't have freedom of speech at your job", is weird for an admin arguing businesses can refuse gay customers on free speech grounds

MLK on the theory that somehow advocating for equal rights turns people into white nationalists

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I personally saw Ferguson police use crushing force against protesters for much less than what the Nazis in Charlottesville are doing today.

It's telling that resentment towards wealth in sports is always directed at black athletes and not the vastly wealthier franchise owners.