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This is Korra’s way of telling me it’s too hot for a walk

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And before the morons show up, I went to DCPS and I loved it.

Somewhat surprised “The blacks” was the noun he chose in private

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He didn’t? He just did better than Republicans did against Obama.

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Here is a gif of eggsy asking me why I am taking pictures instead of giving belly rubs

I see a lot of conservatives gloating about this but I think telling observant Catholic liberals and Democrats they’re not wanted or welcome in the Church is not going to work out the way they seem to think it will.

The religious right has devoted a substantial amount of effort to proving religious obligations are secondary to partisan politics; the American trend towards secularism is not unrelated.

If that’s the result it will surely increase conservative Catholics sense of siege, but you can’t kick everyone out of your house and then whine about being lonely. I mean you can I guess.

Also having a herrenvolk has historically not worked out all that well for people like Mandel here and well, me. But I’m sure this time will be different, right?


The president is threatening violence against people who protest him

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The question is now: how many Republican officials were profiting off their secret foreknowledge of a mass casualty event while the president and his propaganda network were assuring everyone that the coronavirus was “contained?”

When they say they’re willing to die for the economy what they mean is they’re willing to let you die for the economy.

That Chance tweet is an example of a larger problem, which is viewing the presidency as a vessel for your hopes and dreams rather than as a job that requires particular skills/talents/temperament/knowledge to do well

The first big vote by mail controversy was FDR wanting to help the troops vote but the Dixiecrats freaking out that doing so could help enfranchise black people. Anyway just a random historical fact obviously unrelated to anything today

Black writers spent five years saying what this was, where it came from, and where it could lead. Their critics snickered about “wokeness,” condescended from their columns, think tanks, and tenured positions, and lied to themselves thinking they’d never have to face it.

If they get away with this it will be worse next time. I promise you.

Call me when OLIVE oil is under $2 a barrel

A Black man and a Jew winning election to the US Senate in the deep south is evocative of the old civil rights alliance in a way I find ... emotionally resonant.