Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad Webb-Lunceford

BCBG Brand Contributor| Entrepreneur| Actress| Motivational Speaker| Star of Bravo's Married To Medicine

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Baby that's the only thing I loved about that night! The little yellow dress #SMH  RT @Empress_Ken : I love this yellow dress! @AbsolutelyQuad  #married2med 

Never again! RT @LESthaBest : @AbsolutelyQuad  u killing them in that yellow dress...just dont let @Dr_Heavenly  plan this no more😭 #MarriedToMed 

🤣🤣 #MarriedToMed  RT @ImagineThis704 : @Dr_Heavenly  you done lost your mind..🤣 @AbsolutelyQuad  some kinda funny...Drink more 🍷 or better yet.. #GizzysHerbalBlends  may be better to chill her out 🍵..or #crushvelvet  may need it too. 🤣😂 ☮️

Fashion is my passion with one of the best that ever done it @Christianlouboutin 

Ran into one of my day 1's kiki's @RezaFarahan  at #bravocon  He know he's a fool! 😂😘 TAG A FRIEND #Married2Med  & #shahsofsunset  connect

You girls better give face @CynthiaBailey10  & @EvaMarcille  It's a #bravo  link up! Be sure to tune in and watch #rhoa  at 8pm and #Married2Med  at 9pm tonight only on @BravoTV  ! TAG A FRIEND 💋


Yes you are a fool. Being mad at everyone for your husband actions. #byefelicia  #Married2Med 

Did she use the word "dishonoring" He dishonored her &their marriage with his infidelity. Since when is cheating honorable #married2med 

When you don't like something being said, doesn't justify using physical behavior #AngerManagementRehab  didn't work #married2med 

I'm feeling 4 @KenyaMoore  @ no point shld a child be in a rm w a parent & be ignored, weighs heavily on a child's self-esteem #healing  #RHOA 

#married2med had the killer season opener!

Why is "She Who Shall Not Be Named" acting like the whole state of Tennessee is the hood. When in fact she's acting like a alley cat!

I feel so bad for my heart goes out to you. How I miss my father. Always remember family first over everything! #Married2Med  #MarriedToMedicine 

Wow, all this talk about Miss Quad! Can anyone count how many times my name was said in the opening of the show? #Married2Med 

#truetea Can the ladies of #married2med  get a set day and time. Consistency is key show some love! 😘 RT : Agreed!