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A top Trump surrogate in 2016 deleted the Clinton-blackface cartoon after posting it to social media.
Trump today RTed a cartoon by a political cartoonist who in 2016 depicted Hillary Clinton in blackface saying “I ain’t no ways tired of pandering to Arican Americans.”
Today's #AskAaron:

-Are the votes there to block Trump's national emergency?
-The 2020 Dems Trump does and doesn't want to face
-The latest on Biden
-The end of my feud with @carolynhax
THIS: New York D.A. Expected to Charge Manafort, Guarding Against Trump Pardon
Oh and here's a video of the many times Trump has promoted or suggested violence
You really need to read the Roger Stone transcript to understand how truly ridiculous his defense was
Trump Oct. 2018 on Montana congressman: “I had heard he body-slammed a reporter. ... Anybody who can do a body-slam, that's my kind of guy. "
Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump has never promoted violence. She is very wrong.

The Most Relevant

Florida accepts overseas/military ballots through Nov. 16, (provided they were postmarked by Nov. 6).

The president is effectively calling for the disenfranchisement of military service-members ... the day after Veteran's Day.
Trump received the bone spurs diagnosis that exempted him from Vietnam via “a foot doctor in Queens who rented his office from Mr. Trump’s father.”

That doctor’s children say it was done as a “favor” to Fred Trump.
List of people charged with/pleading to crimes:

-Trump's 2nd campaign manager
-Trump's deputy campaign manager
-Trump's national security adviser
-Trump's foreign policy adviser
-Trump's 1st campaign manager (battery charges later dropped)
-Trump's first congressional endorser
Imagine being tortured and dismembered and then having the president of the country that is supposed to hold your killers accountable instead repeat their smears against you while he gives them a pass.

That’s what just happened.
Trump team's collusion denials:

1) No contact
3) Contacts not *planned*
4) Okay planned, but not re: campaign
5) Okay, but not meaningful or used
6) Collusion is not a crime
7) Can't collude if you don't know Putin
8) Repeat 6
9) Maybe *someone* colluded
I'll second what several others are saying here:

What happened in NC is apparent *election* fraud, not *voter* fraud.

Calling it the latter will feed narrative that voter fraud is prevalent, when it's not.
The contrast here is pretty stark:

GOP in one breath threatens Strzok with contempt if he doesn't detail Russia investigation, which is ongoing.

Then it says it won't release transcript of Strzok's initial testimony ... because its investigation is ongoing.
Trump has routinely warned about massive voter fraud.

Yet he remains silent on North Carolina, where even the Republican with more votes now admits there's enough concern to warrant a new election.
Fox's Twitter account clipped what Trump said immediately before AND immediately after the laughter.

The laughter appears in neither clip.
The Trumps are seated next to:

1) The president Trump said was illegitimate (Obama)
2) The president he said assaulted women (Clinton)
3) The first lady/SoS he said should be in jail (Hillary)
4) The president he said was the second-worst, behind Obama (Carter)
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