AP Oddities

AP Oddities

From just a little off to downright ludicrous. The best odd news @AP has to offer.

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Officials say a Florida woman who pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants during a traffic stop and illegally possessed numerous other wild animals was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to four charges. #odd 

She didn't know she was pregnant — with triplets: Woman goes to hospital thinking she has kidney stones and instead gives birth to three babies. #odd 

Buzzkill: Massachusetts man tries to use a Roman candle to destroy a nest of hornets, but ends up setting his roof on fire. #odd 

Fuel folly: Kentucky authorities say 3 thieves thought they were stealing gasoline from a jug for their broken down car. Except the jug didn't contain gas. It was peroxide. #odd 

Purr order of the police: A North Carolina police department is evicting its pet cat named Sgt. Butters, and some residents are mounting a campaign to bring him back. #odd 

Not a friend: British judge sentences a fraudster, who bears a striking resemblance to 'Friends' actor David Schwimmer, to nine months in the slammer for theft and fraud. #odd 

Oh zap!: A Washington state trooper pulls over to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle finds something else instead: The driver had eight phones simultaneously playing the video game Pokemon Go. #odd 


Erasing time: An Arctic Norwegian island with 69 days of constant light in the summer wants to become the world's first time-free zone. #odd 

A District of Columbia clerk and a supervisor refuse to accept a New Mexico man's state driver's license for a marriage license. The reason? They thought New Mexico was a foreign country. #odd 

Florida woman faces an aggravated assault charge after authorities say she passed gas in line at a dollar store and pulled a knife on a man who complained about it. #odd 

Florida man re-arrested within minutes after he was released from jail for burglarizing cars in the jail's parking lot. #odd 

Ten football players at a Northern Illinois high school suspended from the team for three games after they ran across a field naked with Oreo cookies wedged between their buttocks. #odd 

Police: Man arrested for public intoxication claims he traveled back from the year 2048 to warn of aliens. #odd 

After taking off in the 13th hour on Friday the 13th, Flight 666 arrives safely in HEL. #odd 

90 minutes and $500 worth of broken champagne and wine bottles later, peacock apprehended in LA liquor store. #odd 

Ice breaker: Fossils from New Zealand reveal a giant penguin that was about the size of a grown man. In fact, it was about as big as Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. #odd 

The good news: A homeless man gave his last $20 to a woman who ran out of gas. The better news: The woman and her boyfriend have raised over $20,000 for the man. #odd