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President Joe Biden will join other leaders of NATO member countries to discuss tense ties with Russia and China, the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the future of the 30-nation military alliance at a summit in Belgium on June 14.

BEYOND THE PANDEMIC: More than a year after the lights went out at theaters across London's West End, the first shows are preparing to reopen to limited audiences next month, reports @JillLawless 

Russia is pulling back tens of thousands of troops from near Ukraine's borders, but is leaving military hardware in place amid tensions between the two countries.

VIDEO: Members of the Roma community scrape together a living in the trash-strewn slums outside Romania's capital by setting fire to computers, electrical cables and anything else they can find that contains metal. Full story:

There's a new buzz in Milan, as hives designed by artists are filled with honeybees to increase biodiversity in Italy's fashion capital.

In Denmark, some Syrian refugees — mostly women — are being told it's safe for them to go home, separating families. Yet few experts agree with Denmark's assessment, reports @DavidKeyton 

Dozens of local post office chiefs prosecuted for theft, fraud and false accounting had their convictions overturned by a British appeals court, which found evidence an IT system's “bugs, errors or defects” led to wrongful charges.


Five alleged Russian hackers have been arrested in Europe in American-led operations over the past nine months

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A WHALE OF A CATCH: A metro train blasts through its stop near the Dutch city of Rotterdam but is saved by the fluke of a giant whale sculpture.

Pope Francis and the Vatican have strongly backed the protests against racism and police brutality, a move that reminds Catholic American voters there are other issues besides abortion ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

On D-Day, Tom Rice parachuted into a hail of gunfire. For the 75th anniversary, the now 97-year-old jumped into Normandy again, and loved it. #DDay75  @johnleicester  reports.

Paris hit by worst riot in a decade during protest over rising taxes. Stores looted, cars burned, Arc de Triomphe sprayed with graffiti.

A heat wave is hitting Greenland, accelerating the melting of its massive ice sheet. More than 10 billion tons of ice lost to the oceans by surface melt in just one day.

A near-total ban on abortion has taken effect in Poland and triggered a new round of nationwide anti-government protests, including more planned for this evening.

Thousands of people in France protested a proposed law that would restrict the filming of police officers. Officers used teargas to disperse small groups of rowdy protesters who set fire to France's central bank and threw paving stones.