"We cannot be bullied by developed countries." Malaysia says it will ship back all the waste smuggled in from foreign countries.

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Here's secret video I obtained from Trump's deposition in the Trump University fraud case. Watch what happens when he's asked if a false statement used to sell the course was indeed inaccurate. He says, "It depends on how you're talking about 'accurate.'" How Trumpian.

In regards to Durham and Clinton Foundation investigation..I'm told some questions being pursued are: Who gave the Foundation money and how much (foreign countries/otherwise)? Did the Foundation underreport the amounts? Where did the money go? Also James Comey's name comes up

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket is carried to the US Capitol, where she will be the first woman and Jewish person to lie in state.

Catholic and evangelical voters fleeing Trump due to his lack of ‘basic kindness’: NBC

‘I am an angry Black woman … angry because our Black women keep dying at the ends of police officers … You robbed the world of a queen’ — Breonna Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer responds to the zero charges for her daughter’s killing, as read by Taylor’s aunt Bianca Austin

‘You cannot stop the revolution!’ — Jacob Blake’s father drove 8 hours to join Breonna Taylor’s family

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing millions of American voters to vote by mail for the first time. But a requirement in a handful of states that a witness or notary public sign a ballot envelope is tripping up some voters.