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Corey Johnson has an intellectual disability, which has never been heard by the court. He cannot be constitutionally executed under the current standard.

President-Elect Biden should dismantle 287(g) agreements, which tap local law enforcement to do ICE’s bidding. It’s time to show local governments that they should redirect local resources to more pressing needs, including COVID-19.

The inequities of our criminal justice system were on full display last week. The problem is systemic: from the Capitol to Texas, where Crystal Mason faces a five year sentence for casting a provisional ballot that wasn’t counted. We need a reckoning.

All people — regardless of their circumstances or background — should have access to safe and stable housing.

It’s time for a deportation moratorium — and a commitment to a more just and humane vision for immigrants’ rights.

The estimated cost of executing five people on federal death row was more than $4.61 million. That’s nearly $1 million to take a human life.



VICTORY: The Supreme Court ruled that DACA recipients can continue to live and work in the United States without the daily fear of deportation.

BREAKING: We are calling for the immediate resignation of Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis and Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth.

BREAKING: We just blocked Alabama's abortion ban. With this federal court ruling, it's official: None of the state abortion bans passed earlier this year are in effect. Abortion remains legal in all 50 states.

Reminder: The consequences of family separation will far out-last this administration. Watch one family's reunion after months of separation. #FamiliesBelongTogether 

BREAKING: A judge just ruled that every Tennessee voter can now vote by mail for the 2020 elections.

BREAKING: The Department of Labor just proposed a rule that aims to let government contractors fire workers who are LGBTQ, or who are pregnant and unmarried, based on the employers’ religious views. This is taxpayer-funded discrimination in the name of religion. Period.

BREAKING: A federal court just issued a restraining order on the federal agents in Portland, Oregon. We said we would deploy the full firepower of the ACLU in this fight to save our democracy — and we meant it.