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"They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who were loved." - @andersoncooper  #Orlando 

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“We thought we were all going to die. Israel bombed everything, more than 50 raids nonstop.” Palestinians in Gaza recount ‘ruthless' horrors of Israeli raids

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@AP  “This is not a war, it’s genocide” From Amman and Baghdad to London and Berlin, thousands gather across the world protest in support of Palestinians htt

MISSING: Kyrin Carter, 12, was last seen near the Best Western in Hammond on Saturday afternoon.​

The Israel-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate amid clashes with Hamas in Gaza. Now, the @JoeBiden  administration in the US is struggling to catch up. #Israel  | #Hamas  | #Gaza 

Mentally ill man repeatedly shocked with Taser by deputies in jail shortly before he died, body-cam video shows

The pandemic left New York City with a lot of empty buildings, much of it office space owned by companies whose workers may not return. Pessimists say it is a harbinger of the city’s demise. Optimists see it as a blank slate for better things ahead.

"Why is war in Gaza returning now, and why does it always seem to return, with stubborn, periodic insistence?" @shadihamid  writes:

The most anticipated movies of summer 2021, from "Black Widow" to "Candyman"

The CDC finds that Covid vaccines are highly effective in real life—even after just one dose

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We asked people from around the world to compare their health care system with the American system. “Skin to skin after a C-section is $39,” says a woman in Japan, reading from a U.S. medical bill. “You need to pay money to hold a baby?”