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Europe's longest land border, spanning more than 1,000 miles, has closed for the first time since World War II amid concerns over a new, more contagious variant of the coronavirus first identified in the U.K.

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At least 40 people were evacuated from their homes after a landslide in southern Italy. Fire crews said 10 buildings were evacuated as a precaution and continued to monitor the area.

COAST-TO-COAST STORMS: An Alabama teenager was killed during an overnight tornado strike, with the same system pushing snow into the Northeast and a separate storm set to cause problems in the West. @MarcusMoorewfaa  reports @RobMarcianoand  has the track.

A trip to space for private travel may soon be a reality. Axiom Space has announced that it will be launching private citizens into space next year for spaceflight.

U.S. home prices jumped in November at the fastest pace in more than six years, fueled by demand for more living space as Americans stick closer to home during the pandemic.

600M DOSE PLAN: Amid a frustrating vaccine rollout, Pres. Biden says help is on the way, with secured commitments for another 200 million doses from Pfizer and Moderna by summer, with some saying that is still not enough. @sramosABC  reports.

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says work for COVID relief bill "must move forward, preferably with our Republican colleagues, but without them, if we must."

INCREDIBLE RECOVERY: @DavidMuir  has an update on Bridger Walker, the 6-year-old Wyoming boy who stepped in to save his sister from a dog attack, and is making a remarkable recovery with support from across the country. #AmericaStrong 

COVID-RELATED CRIMES: @mattgutmanABC  has more on growing reports nationwide of crimes involving vaccines, from accusations of hoarding doses in Florida to allegations of phony vaccines being sold to patients in Washington state.

SECURITY FAILURES: The acting Capitol Police chief issued an apology for not being more prepared for the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol – with federal officials now saying 400 suspects have identified and 135 arrested. @DavidMuir  reports.


NEW: Authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are investigating the arrest of two black teenagers accused of jaywalking, with video from an eyewitness showing one officer forcibly pulling a teen out of a patrol car and onto the ground. More tonight.

BREAKING: In historic decision, Supreme Court rules Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, also applies to gay or transgender people.

JUST IN: The final patient on board the USNS Comfort has been discharged, according to Northwell Health. The Comfort has treated 182 people and is set to depart from New York City this week.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus strongly warns against lifting social distancing measures too soon. "The last thing any country needs is to open schools and businesses, only to be forced to close them again because of a resurgence."

NEW: Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky arrived at a Pennsylvania courthouse where he was resentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing children, the same sentence he received after his conviction in 2012.

NEW: 's is on the ground in Thailand with the latest on the ongoing rescue effort to retrieve boys from cave: "This is moving a lot quicker than anyone anticipated."

NEW: Rep. Adam Schiff says the White House officials who have "defied congressional subpoenas and refused to appear" for depositions will "further add to the body of evidence on a potential obstruction of Congress charge against the president."