A suspect is now in custody in the Half Moon Bay shootings. Here's the intense moment it happened - caught on video by our @abc7newsbayarea  camera

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Moon Bay

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1/ PM forecast update thread: The worst of this storm arrives tomorrow AM. The current freezing line as of 2pm is shown below. This will vary some, but is expected to creep southward slightly overnight. Expected low temperatures by Wednesday morning are in the 2nd image.

BREAKING: Actor Alec Baldwin and a weapons specialist have been formally charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on a New Mexico movie set, according to court documents filed by prosecutors Tuesday.

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Hunter Biden is a total piece of s***, and the media attempt to turn him into a victim is vile garbage.

Former President Donald Trump reveals his plan to protect America's children from left-wing gender ideology if elected in 2024.

After Minnesota's governor signed a bill codifying abortion rights into state law on Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan said the victory is for "everyone who has fought for sovereignty of their own bodies."

TECHNOLOGY: ChatGPT creator OpenAI has released a tool to detect text written by AI

"NEWSMAX is just the latest casualty, I think this is one though that is a step too far because NEWSMAX has been growing." Devin Nunes slams Big Tech censorship by DirecTV against NEWSMAX and conservative media. @BiancaDLGarza  MORE:

73% of Americans say House Republicans aren't focused on the right things; new polling shows

Tesla confirmed it’s received requests for documents from the US Justice Department in the latest indication regulators are subjecting its self-driving claims to greater scrutiny. Bloomberg's @EdLudlow  reports with more details

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