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Safety tips from the shooting range following 'Rust' prop gun tragedy

No, shipping backlog at California ports is not caused by California trucking regulations

Lost hiker ignores rescuers' 'unknown number' calls to cell phone

Yes, South Dakota is a tax haven, but it's not the only state that offers protection and privacy

Lost hiker ignored rescuers' phone calls because it was an unknown number

Lost hiker ignored rescuers' 'unknown number' calls to cell phone

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FDA advisers back Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for young kids


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Officials stop scheme to register dead voters as Democrats

No, there isn't going to be a 'second inauguration' for Donald Trump this summer and you can't buy tickets

@sacsheriff  are investigating a video that has generated a lot of attention showing a man being kicked by a deputy even after he has his hands behind his head.

Elected officials dine out after urging others to stay home

'Deep fire' slowing rescue effort at collapsed Florida condo

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