These two toddlers' heartwarming reaction to spotting each other on the street will make your Monday.

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"Thank you, more than anything else, for putting up with the never-ending bulls--t you have to go through," Graham said praising Trump at the rally.

Republicans fume after Democrat threatens to fight Trump Jr over his coronavirus comments

U.S. Fed under pressure to cut rates amid #COVID19  concerns "COVID-19 poses downside risk to the U.S. economy, and though there are limits to monetary policy, the Federal Reserve may need eventually to step in," says a report

This thread looks at the findings of the @WHO  #COVID19  joint mission to China: - Median age 51y (2d-100y, IQR 39-63y), majority 30-69y - 51.1% male - Bats appear to be reservoir, intermediate host unknown - Xmission droplet & fomite, airborne and faecal-oral not major drivers

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Fmr. Treasury Sec. Larry Summers calls Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow's suggestion that it's a good time to buy for long-term investors "a very poor, misguided performance of his duty." Stocks posted their worst week since the financial crisis amid coronavirus fears.

#Humanrights apply to everyone, no matter our race, belief, location or other distinction. They are universal, eternal & indivisible. One cannot pick & choose among civil, political, economic, social & cultural rights. Let's stand up for human rights, for everyone, everywhere❗️

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Some 550 students taking part in the Semester at Sea program have been trapped on a ship for about two weeks while the deadly disease has been lapping the globe and spreading fear along with contagion.

Opinion: Our cruise ship was quarantined. Now we’re on an Air Force base. But the end is in sight.