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#BREAKING : There has been a development in the case against the accused murderer of school girl Charlise Mutten in the Blue Mountains @LizzyBryan1  #9News 

Unlike her political rivals, this candidate has been conspicuously absent. #9News 

"Check your tickets Australia. There are 40 million reasons why every player should rush and check those numbers." #9News 

Shadow Finance Minister Katy Gallagher described the $18.9 billion in new spending as "modest new investments". #9News 

She has four limbs and likes to stroll through greenery in New York City. Happy, by species, is an Asian elephant. But can she also be considered a person? #9News 

The 21-year-old sergeant could get life in prison if convicted of shooting the Ukrainian civilian in the head. #9News 

By 6pm Saturday, Australians need to have voted in the federal election, or else face a fine. #9News 

"A mystery like this is sort of par for the course at this stage of the Voyager mission." #9News 

The medic recorded hundreds of hours of her team's frantic efforts over two weeks to bring people back from the brink of death. #9News 


China is set to make good on the threat to use its economic clout to punish Australia by imposing an 80% tax on importing Australian barley. @CUhlmann  #9News 

#EXCLUSIVE : The Liberal candidate in the norther #Sydney  electorate o #Bennelong  has been caught on camera addressing a group of conspiracy theorists. Simon Kennedy called th #COVID19  vaccine a "chemical" that people had a right to be concerned about @cokeefe9  #9News 

The ring of fire around Sydney is as angry and as frightening as we've seen. 20,000 people are tonight in the path of the mega fire rolling down the Blue Mountains into the town of Lithgow. #9News  |

In a welcome sight for firefighters and locals, RAIN is now falling at Batemans Bay on the bushfire ravaged south coast. Live coverage: Latest RFS information: #9News 

The woman whose hand Scott Morrison forcibly shook in the bushfire-ravaged town of Cobargo is living in a van with her newborn baby, more than six months after her home was destroyed. #9News 

This interview brought many of us in the 9 Newsroom to tears. It’s one firefighter’s response to the thousands of gifts being donated to his community. The gifts will go to families who have lost everything, and to RFS volunteers. @NSWRFS  #NSWRFS  #9News  #Bushfires 

CHAOS: Lines at a 24-hour #COVID19  testing hub in Fairfield are stretching for kilometres due to the new health order for essential workers. Since about 2am, a sea of brake lights has been growing continuously at the location. READ MORE: #9News