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Queenslanders are under attack by armies of cunning, shameless and deadly teenage crims. Make sure they don't target you with a 9News Safety Special. More details 6pm Monday night, only on #9News 

The group of tradies chased two teenagers down a suburban street after the vehicle went missing. #9News 

It's still not known how long the remains have been there. #9News 

A man pleaded with the cruise company but they told him "that's the rules sir, sorry sir". #9News 

JUST IN: Russian President Vladimir Putin defies international law in Kremlin ceremony as he signs treaties annexing Ukrainian regions. #9News 

Hurricane Ian's powerful combination of winds, rain and storm surges have battered Florida and left people dead. #9News 

Police have requested the pause due to concerns they could lose crucial evidence that will help them solve crimes in the future. #9News 

Police said the deadly shooting was "targeted" but stressed there is no danger to the community. #9News 

After a tough few years, supermarket giant Coles has hosted a number of celebratory luncheons to say thank you to its most loyal staff around Australia. #9News 

As much of Florida takes stock of the apocalyptic damage left by Hurricane Ian, the Category 1 storm is lashing South Carolina, where an expected afternoon landfall may deliver more lethal flooding and enough force to alter the coastal landscape. #9News 


An 18-year old is accused of robbing a Gold Coast service station at knife-point. The young man allegedly demanded money from a shop attendant while armed with a machete. The teen has been released on bail and denied any involvement in the alleged robbery. #9News 

"I haven't had the jab. I don't intend to have the jab. I'm not putting that sh*t in my body." Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has made an inflammatory speech about the #COVID19  vaccine at an #Ipswich  forum for 'pro-choice' businesses last night. #9News 

Hundreds of Queensland teachers will have their pay cut as punishment for not getting vaccinated. While the teachers are now allowed back in the classroom, the financial penalty will be felt for the next 18 weeks. @TimArvier9  #9News 

Hundreds of unvaccinated teachers across the state will have their pay slashed, as a penalty for not complying with #COVID19  directions. @TimArvier9  #9News 

#BREAKING : A bomb has been found in a car in Christchurch, around three kilometres from where the original shooting took place #9News 

Grief has swept the country this morning for the five children killed in yesterday's jumping castle tragedy in Tasmania. @rachbaxter9  #9News  LATEST:

The new snake species is about 30-40cm long, and features thin white bands, and fatter black bands along its body. #9News