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The man accused of killing three women in Western Australia in the 1990s has confessed to a sexual assault of another woman. #9News 

Boris Johnson's government says it still thinks it can get Parliament's backing for the deal and pass the legislation needed to implement it in time to meet the deadline. #9News 

Fifteen people around the country have been struck down by Salmonella after eating frozen meals from the brand Core Powerfoods. #9News 

Four large drug companies have reached a last-minute $378 million legal settlement over their role in the US opioid addiction epidemic. #9News 

Tornadoes are ripping through southern states of the U.S, leaving a massive trail of destruction. #9News 

An Australian tradie facing trial over a drunken rampage in Bali has found an unlikely ally in the local man he’s accused of fly-kicking off a moving scooter. @renaehenry9  #9News 

Scorching temperatures will hit nearly every capital city. #9News 

Australians expect that we live in a country where powerful people are held accountable for their actions and that those who speak out are not punished. #RightToKnow 

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#BREAKING: Wildfires are charging up a hill and coming dangerously close to homes in Los Angeles. #9News 

Remnants of Halley's Comet will tonight be sprinkled in Earth's atmosphere to create a dazzling display. #9News 


#BREAKING: The Same-Sex Marriage postal survey has returned a majority 'YES' vote. #MarriageEquality  #AusPol  #9News 

VISION: A python has been filmed trying to eat a currawong on the roof of a Kingscliff home. Warning: Video may upset some viewers. #9News 

MOTHER'S LOVE: This determined possum mum fought tooth and nail to rescue her baby, after it was snatched from her back by a hungry carpet python. The snake ended up releasing the possum unharmed, but copped a few bite marks for its troubles. 📸 Christine Birch Williams. #9News 

The Lorax would be devastated to hear that the tree that inspired Dr Seuss' 1971 children's book has fallen. #9News 

Families have posted photos of the missing under #RechercheParis , in the hopes of finding them. #9News 

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WOW! Stunning vision of a school of cownose rays cruising past Bondi Beach this morning. #9News  Read more:

A Melbourne teen has just won more money playing video games, than Novak Djokovic did winning this year's Australian Open. #9News  @msanto92 

A ‘dancing’ kangaroo, mesmerised by a flag, has delighted golfers in Queensland. #9News 

Fright for a little boy and his family after a lion attempted to pounce on the child at a zoo in Japan. #9News 

First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately dropped it during an interview. #9News 

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