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Residents had a nasty surprise when a car smashed into their house in Clayton South. #7NEWS 

Australia is playing a key role in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine. @MelinaSarris7  has an update on the important work our researchers are doing. #7NEWS 

While the wholesale price has plummeted around the world, Melburnians are still paying much more at the pump. Nicholas Platt from @theracv  is watching the prices across our city, and caug @mikeamor7t  up with him on Skype. #7NEWS 

Health and hygiene are very much front of mind during this COVID-19 crisis, with important lessons for us all on handwashing and coughing. But what other steps should we take as we try to make our homes as safe as possible? @mikeamor7  spoke with @VicHealth  CEO, Dr@SandroDemaio .

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has pledged his support for all 18 clubs amidst the coronavirus crisis. @Stevo7AFL  #7AFL  #7NEWS 

Hundreds of Australians are stranded in the Philippines and pleading for the government to arrange rescue flights. #7NEWS 

A lung transplant recipient has been forced to relocate to North Queensland, worried the threat of coronavirus is a risk to his life in Brisbane. Damien Thompson says he is a prime example of why people should be social distancing. #coronavirus  #7NEWS 

The “unknown level” of community transmissions of coronavirus is causing headaches for health authorities. #7NEWS 

Coronavirus: Four babies are among the latest cases of coronavirus in Victoria. #7NEWS 

With nowhere else to go, workers returning to their home villages in rural India are taking to the trees to protect their families from COVID-19. #7NEWS 


While the government boasts about "stopping the boats", 7 News can tonight reveal that more than 64,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Australia by plane in just the last four years. #auspol  #7News 

Controversial Independent Senator Fraser Anning has been caught on camera punching a young protester after the boy cracked an egg on the back of his head at an event in Moorabbin. A 17-year-old boy was arrested and released without charge pending investigation. #auspol  #7News 

A crowd of frantic shoppers scrambling for toilet paper at Aldi in West Footscray this morning, despite authorities continuing to urge people against panic buying. Latest on 7NEWS Melbourne at 6.00. #7NEWS 

"I've never been to a mosque... I don't want them to feel scared... I want them to know people care” – Touching words from a Gold Coast man visiting a mosque to lay flowers following the Christchurch terror attack. #Christchurch  #7News 

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Beachgoers flocked to Point Addis today, ignoring government advice to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. #Coronavirus  #7NEWS 

A Melbourne mum has smashed the world record for the most burpees in 60 minutes by a female. 37-year-old Elizabeth Llorente trained for three months leading up to the feat, soaring past the previous best of 1321 with her 1490-burpee effort. #7News 

"I'm never going to get the opportunity to headbutt that c**t again ... so I seized a moment" - Man charged with headbutting Tony Abbott.

The world's oldest-known message in a bottle has been found on a beach north of Perth. #7News 

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Japanese warship JS Kunisaki has collided into Brisbane's Portside Wharf while trying to dock. Fortunately, no crew members onboard the ship or spectators were physically hurt, but the vessel was left visibly damaged. @TristanAVorias  #TheLatest  #7NEWS 

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