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Chris Kael

Bassist for Las Vegas' Five Finger Death Punch

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GREAT @jasmineburr1  show last night at @thespacelv  here in #Vegas ! Good to finally meet ron_poisson of @cultdenim  (makes the BEST jeans I’ve ever worn). Always good being around the positive vibes of…

People always ask, “What’d you do to get your beard so long?” Well, the secret is out: I hired a Beard Support Dwarf. His name is @funnybrad  and he moonlights as a comic. He supports my beard growth; so, in turn,…

Recently discovered @TheoVon’s podcast and I’m hooked. Dude is introspective, open and raw with a unique, hilarious delivery. And, in his honesty about his recovery, I get a meeting from his podcast when I can’t get to a meeting. Thanks Theo! #ShitYesSon  #SoberAsFuck 

Anybody that saw Kelvin Tiller warming up and thought he had any chance of winning this fight is a liar. @ProFightLeague 

HOLY Hell does @billburr ’s rant at the end of his podcast today have me fired up! #Triggered  #NailedIt 

To all you who have ordered Chris Kael Stage Played BassPackages at , your “pre-show” Packages are shipping today! ONE bass available at every show. Looking forward to handing my bass directly to…


Not sure who needs to read this tonight; but, the universe is saying that someone does. You are loved. People care about you. And, it always gets better. You can’t control the things that happen; but, you CAN control your reaction to those things. It’s ok not to be ok. #ForYou 

Just saw @justinbieber  at @MGMGrand . Think I found my drummer for my side project. #HiredSon  #BiggerThanSatan  #ShitYesSon 

I don’t know ; but, I know the struggle. I hope that she comes out of this wake up call woke. And, for those who also struggle, you are not alone. You are also strong enough to beat this if that is what you want to do. No time like today to change life for the better.

I don't care how metal you think you are, that @RonnieRadke  and @FIROfficial  write some catchy, catchy stuff. #ShitYesRonnie 

How are @cnn  @FoxNews  @msnbc  not on top of a story about a four time Grammy nominated artist wrongly imprisoned in Prague? #FreeRandyBlythe 

I hated far fewer people before the internet. #JustSaying 

I love the irony in seeing @Ocasio2018  arguing for a cost of living ra #Congressse  for when very few members of Congress showed up for work #JonStewarto  hear deliver an incredible speech on funding health c #911FirstRespondersre  for - people who actually DID show up for work...

Goddamn. Just GODdamn. Another one gone. JUST chatted with @ChesterBe  in Europe and South America. I'm at a loss for words on this one.

Join me in celebrating ivanmoody today on his One Year Sober Birthday! Roughly 75 percent of those who start the path to sobriety don’t make it a full year. I’ve seen firsthand the work…

Hey you. Yes, you. The one going through some shit. The one feeling hopeless. The one…