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A judge in Florida reacted to the full video of a woman intentionally coughing in the face of a cancer patient. The judge then sentenced her to jail and six months probation.

Glendale and Mesa police say there were 102 thefts last year but this year has seen an uptick of 111 in just four months.

Abortion opponents, worried the method will become increasingly prevalent, are pushing legislation in several Republican-led states to restrict it.

Police officers across Arizona have cited more than 2,000 drivers In just the first few months of 2021 under the state's new hands-free cell phone law.

Coach Becky Hewitt says that without a place to practice, she may be forced to pull the girls from upcoming regional and national competitions.

The unemployment rate has fallen to 6% from 6.2% in 2021, according to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

President Biden is putting in executive actions for gun control to reduce gun violence in urban communities.

Mike Philipsen, spokesman for Senate President Karen Fann, said nothing had been decided regarding accepting donations for the audit.

Experts say that there are a multitude of reasons behind the increase from lost jobs, to not knowing what resources are available.

The successful one-orbit flight made Yuri Gagarin a hero and cemented Soviet supremacy in space until the U.S. put a man on the moon more than eight years later.


TRUMP RALLY: Protesters have blown up a balloon of Donald Trump in a KKK robe.

NOW: A truck carrying Bud Light has spilled over the US60 ramp to 101 SB. LIVE:

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"I love him so much. I just want to love him so much, that's it." In an interview from jail, a woman accused of stalking a Paradise Valley man says he is not in danger. FULL INTERVIEW:

Snoop Dogg's family is mourning the loss of his infant grandson, Kai Love, who died at 10 days old.

Also everyone keeps making "cracking open a cold one with the boys" jokes

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16 y/o girl from #Glendale  & 2 passengers, arrested for trying to smuggle 185 lbs of marijuana. Pic by: @CBPArizona 

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Navajo Nation's Health Department director, Jill Jim, has been added to president-elect Joe Biden's COVID advisory board.

The workers want borders between Hong Kong and the mainland shut off completely to ward off the virus.

Gov. Ducey funneled nearly $400 million of federal coronavirus relief funding to reduce state spending, rather than putting the funds directly to struggling individuals or small businesses in Arizona.