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Queensland's most infamous cane toad, 'Toadzilla', is making her final journey to the Queensland Museum where she will be preserved and put on display for eternity.

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Only in Queensland does one of the deadliest snakes in the world also go on smoko... A video captured by Harrison's Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher shows the moment a large eastern brown snake joins an employee during their break.

A mini pineapple plantation has taken over Brisbane's CBD in the very place Australia's first plot was ever planted. The fruit has returned to the city to mark the Year of Horticulture in a bid to get Queenslanders to purchase more pineapples - which are currently in oversupply.

Rachel Burke slaved over her sewing machine day and night to create a tinsel-covered suit for @Harry_Styles . The colourful costume was posted over to the US and placed backstage as a birthday surprise for the singer | @GeorgiHill10  #harrystyles 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has accused critics of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament of trying to start a 'culture war' ahead of the upcoming referendum l @Stela_Todorovic  #auspol 

There has been a record number of consumer complaints for faulty household items to the Queensland's Office of Fair Trading last year l @SammyButler_ 

Queensland's Human Rights Commission has slammed the State Government for its proposed youth crime reforms. Meanwhile, the Premier up in Maryborough today was keen to focus on the state's manufacturing future | @brendanjsmith10 

It's been more than 6 months since Ariarne Titmus dominated the @CommGamesAUS . But with World Titles and the Paris Olympics on the horizon she admits, it's now time to get serious again | #swimming 


Drone footage has revealed the shocking deforestation of probable koala habitat in northern Queensland, that may be transformed into beef pastures.

Television viewers were 'creeped out' by a ghostly whisper during live coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral procession. A female voice can be heard saying "The death is irreversible...the fact that she's trapped..." during the British broadcasters' live coverage.

Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion group have dumped manure outside the News Corp office in Bowen Hills this morning, before gluing themselves to the ground in front of the building entry.

#Breaking : Qld's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young has told the NRL it cannot have any more quarantine breaches, or the entire competition will be kicked out of the state. Dr Young made the ultimatum this morning, after another breach was revealed #NRL  #COVID19QLD 

Twenty-two children killed in Thailand yesterday have arrived at a morgue ahead of their autopsies. Police officials have identified the gunman as a former policeman who burst into the childcare centre while the children were napping - shooting and stabbing those inside.

State Electoral Commission taking action against the after it failed to reveal who donated almost $100,000. #TenNews 

LIGHTNING STRIKE | Terrifying footage captures the moment lightning struck the back deck of a Toowoomba home as young children stood barely meters away.

Queensland's first eBus -- totally powered by the sun, has now hit the road with plans to replace the entire Translink fleet within five years.