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Jim Sciutto
dna evidence led to the actual rapist
DNA evidence led to the actual rapist.
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NBC News
more than an hour after rep collins point of order house members are awaiting a ruling on if speaker pelosi s
More than an hour after Rep. Collins' point of order, House members are awaiting a ruling on if Speaker Pelosi's comments calling President Trump's tweets racist will be taken down.
Washington Post Opin
i have served in the air force and in congress writes in an op ed people still tell me to go back to china
I have served in the Air Force and in Congress, @RepTedLieu writes in an op-ed. People still tell me to "go back" to China.
CNN Breaking News
legendary south african singer johnny clegg has died at 66
Legendary South African singer Johnny Clegg has died at 66
Billy Corben
judge finds longtime trump confidante and florida man roger stone in violation of gag order
Judge finds longtime Trump confidante and Florida man Roger Stone in violation of gag order:
ABC7 News
breaking magnitude 44 earthquake jolts east bay usgs reports did you feel it
#BREAKING: Magnitude-4.4 #earthquake jolts East Bay, USGS reports. Did you feel it?
The Lead CNN
the president calls himself a stable genius that tweet is unstable its racist its obnoxious and you should apo
“The President calls himself a stable genius. That tweet is unstable, it’s racist, it’s obnoxious... and you should apologize.”

Former White House Communications Director @Scaramucci shares his message to Trump regarding the President's racist tweets.

Steve Krakauer
today on its valuable airwaves cnn gave a platform to white nationalist richard spencer there is literally not
Today on its valuable airwaves, CNN gave a platform to white nationalist Richard Spencer. There is literally nothing productive Spencer brings to the conversation. Whoever made this shameful decision should be fired.
L.A. Times: L.A. Now
earthquake 45 quake near ridgecrest calif
Earthquake: 4.5 quake near Ridgecrest, Calif.
Chris Hayes
what the
What the....

a magnitude 44 just occurred east of san francisco with shaking felt across the bay area according to the usgs
A magnitude 4.4 #earthquake just occurred east of San Francisco with shaking felt across the Bay Area, according to the USGS (the star represents the approximate epicenter). Did you feel it?
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