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@Cody_Bieber94 hmmm. i got to ask your dad first. #oldschool
Diamond iPods. See what else Floyd has up his sleeve on All Access Saturday. #TheMoment #Mayweather #oldschool
Who is this charming hobo joining me on stage? Find out tonight! #OldSchool
The never say never crew for the bday wins @kennyhamilton @jonmchu @justinbieber @thatrygood #oldschool
Who would like to see me wear my #oldschool #Hornets #NBA jersey 7/25/15 in Charlotte?
Here comes the monaaaaayy!!!... All the way to the #Spectre World Premier!! #oldschool #ShaneOMac
The Captain of my flight to DC has a old style grampa's pipe...this makes me feel safer for some reason.
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