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Justin Bieber
2days until me and carlyraejepsen s duet beautiful on her new album kiss and 2 weeks until the believetour sta
#2DAYS until me and @carlyraejepsen's duet #BEAUTIFUL on her new album #KISS and 2 weeks until the #BelieveTour starts!!! #COUNTDOWN
Justin Bieber
proud of carlyraejepsen that kiss is 1 in japan thanks to all the japanese fans and rolaworld for the support
proud of @carlyraejepsen that #KISS is #1 in Japan! Thanks to all the Japanese fans and @RolaWorLD for the support!
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Alfredo Flores
our emotions while listening to carlyraejepsen s album kiss go support kiss
Our emotions while listening to @carlyraejepsen's album #KISS GO SUPPORT KISS!
Justin Bieber
in case you missed carlyraejepsen on todayshow this morning check it out greatjob kiss sept18
in case you missed @carlyraejepsen on @todayshow this morning, CHECK IT OUT: #GREATJOB #KISS #Sept18
Justin Bieber
carlyraejepsen so proud of you the album is amazing kiss sept18th
@carlyraejepsen SO PROUD OF YOU!! THE ALBUM IS AMAZING!! #KISS #Sept18th
Justin Bieber
carlyraejepsen listened to your album today at rehearsal with scooterbraun and the crew great job kiss
@carlyraejepsen listened to your album today at rehearsal with @scooterbraun and the crew. GREAT JOB! #KISS
Carly Rae Jepsen
wow pop album of the year thejunoawards junoawards i m beaming thank you so much kiss
Wow- Pop Album of the YEAR! thejunoawards #JUNOawards I'm beaming! Thank you so much #KISS
Justin Bieber
carlyraejepsen almost that time excited for you kiss
@carlyraejepsen almost that time. excited for you. #KISS
Jeremy Bieber
the sizzler jaxonbieber kiss
The sizzler @JaxonBieber #kiss
Justin Bieber
carlyraejepsen eonline im on the special tonight talking about you kiss
@carlyraejepsen @eonline im on the special tonight talking about you. #KISS
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