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There is more we can do, and we need to do it. Love to my hometown. #VegasStrong
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We stand with Las Vegas. #VegasStrong
Thinkin about our Route 91 family today. #vegasstrong 🧡
We are all with you, Vegas. Every step of the way. #VegasStrong
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We’ll get through this together ❤️ See you Wednesday #VegasStrong
.@Jason_Aldean is the much deserved #ACMawards Entertainer of the Year! #VegasStrong
The first NHL goal scored in Vegas was quick.
It was loud.
It was a special moment for the whole city. #VegasStrong
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Police officers run toward the shooting in Las Vegas to help others #VegasStrong

The hockey community is united. #VegasStrong
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