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...because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and God-darnit people like me. #Franken
This does not feel right.
‘Step aside’: Democratic senators call on #Franken to resign
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A look back at the times Sen. Al Franken made headlines during his time in office. #Franken
11 months
Former #Franken female staffers: 'He treated us with the utmost respect'
Taking to @Morning_Joe @MSNBC about #Flynn #Franken and #metoocongress
Sen #Franken apologizes, says “it won’t happen again”, won’t say what behavior would be enough to warrant a resignation
10 months
DEVELOPING: Several female Democratic senators call on #Franken to resign
HuffPost: Two more #Franken accusers have come forward
Check out this #Amazon deal: Al Franken, Giant of the #Senate by Al #Franken via @amazon
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