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#Alinsky 101
Accuse Your Opponent Of YOUR Tactics & Strategy

Hillary Outlines The #Democrat Take Down #America PLAN
It Is Beyond Collusion

It Is The #Democrat Party Undermining The Political Process

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Obama Was Silent About ANTIFA

Because Like The #KKK

ANTIFA Is The Terrorist Arm Of The #Democrat Party
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The Biggest Hate Group In #America Is The #Democrat Party

The Biggest Hate Group In The World ▶️ Islamists
Why Did @nytimes Expose #Weinstein NOW⁉️

To Go After A #Democrat Predator?

To Get The #LasVegasShooter And His MOTIVE Off The Front Page?

We Need You To Be The Face & Voice

Of The Biggest Hate Group In #America

The #Democrat Party
It's Too Easy To Illustrate #Democrat Lies & Hypocrisy

Hillary Says #DACA Children Should NOT Be Allowed To Stay
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The More We Hear #LorettaLynch Speak

The More We Realize
She Is Just One More Dishonest
#Democrat Party Hack
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