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zelenskyy'>Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being criticized by some in his country after he said in an interview this week that he held back details of the US' warnings about Russia's invasion because he feared people would flee the country and its economy would collapse.

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Ben Stiller On Making 'Severance', Meeting Volodymyr Zelenskyy And Prioritizing Fatherhood

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@Imaginedragons  has been working with Pres. Zelenskyy to help raise money for medical care in Ukraine. @DanReynolds  calls Zelenskyy the “most impactful, heroic person” he’s ever met, sharing his message: “Please tell the people of America to not forget about us.”

During Erdogan & Guterres meeting with Zelenskyy in Lviv yday, relatives of Azovstal defenders called on Turkish president & UN secretary-general to facilitate the proper treatment & release of Ukrainian POWs, become a 3rd party in the talks on this issue

Zelenskyy Calls for UN to Secure Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Can you see danger? Now is the time to hold #physical  #gold  and #silver . #IfYouDontHoldItYouDontOwnIt . Zelenskyy warns world is on 'verge of nuclear disaster'; More explosions reported at Russian military sites

Zelenskyy holds talks with U.N. chief and Turkish president over nuclear plant and grain exports

@HowardKurtz  on today's #MEDIABUZZMeter : • Judge orders redactions on affidavit of the Mar-a-lago search warrant • Allen Weisselberg sent to Rikers Island jail • Zelenskyy criticized for failing to warn of the invasion Listen & subscribe here:

Podcast: To Redact Or Not To Redact--muddle over FBI affidavit; Trump Org exec takes plea deal; Zelenskyy hit for withholding US intel on likely Russian invasion; Brutal NYT book review for Jared; Regrets on being a slut

BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy is demanding Russia withdraw troops from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant — as both sides blame each other for shelling the area.


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At some point when this war is over, we will have to do a serious academic-level research analysis into why and how American reality tv gave us an anti-democratic misogynistic leader while Ukraine's reality tv gave it zelenskyy'>Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

You asked and it’s back! Servant of the People is once again available on Netflix in The US. The 2015 satirical comedy series stars zelenskyy'>Volodymyr Zelenskyy playing a teacher who unexpectedly becomes President after a video of him complaining about corruption suddenly goes viral.

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An assassination attempt on zelenskyy'>Volodymyr Zelenskyy, prepared by an "elite group of Kadyrovtsi (Kadyrov's thugs)," has been prevented in Kyiv Oblast, @NSDC_ua  secretary Oleksiy Danilov said. They were terminated.

Ukraine’s zelenskyy'>President Zelenskyy says he remains in Kyiv, has moved his family to an undisclosed location. “I cannot tell you where they are at right now. We have information the enemy as defined me as number one target and my family as a number two target.”

I am in constant communication with zelenskyy'>President Zelenskyy. I would like to commend his great sense of responsibility. At the latter’s request and given the humanitarian situation, I called President Putin.

BREAKING: Invading Russian forces have blown up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, said Ukraine President VolodymyrZelenskyy’s office. The government warned that smoke from the blast could cause an "environmental catastrophe."

I talked to @ZelenskyyUa  yesterday. He needs your help. Please do something, however small, to help Ukrainians in their fight against evil.

@ZelenskyyUa  should grant asylum and even citizenship to Russian soldiers who want to defect.

President Biden has done more for Ukraine than all the other American Presidents” - President Zelenskyy’s Chief of Staff. #StandWithUkriane 

@ZelenskyyUa  is a brave, strong leader. I have the utmost respect for what he is doing to fight for freedom in his country and the world.