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A genuinely needed, serious overview of the response of CEE/Baltics, Nordics, FR, UK and US to the Zeitenwende. But what about ES, PT, IT, AT, GR, NL (With Rutte on the cover)? No mention at all. Even if there is *no* response, surely that itself deserves a mention, @bctallis .

Scholz’s low-key visit was meant to reassure the United States, Germany’s most important ally, that Zeitenwende is not a flop and that he is working hard to get it off the ground, writes @LianaFix  for @PostOpinions .

Key reason for Germany’s backtracking on defence: when Scholz declared Zeitenwende, he thought Russia would overrun Ukraine, directly menacing NATO/Germany. Kyiv’s stiff re­sis­tance & Russ­ian mil­i­tary set­backs have since re­moved the sense of urgency

On GPS, @ 10am & 1pm ET today on @CNN : my exclusive interview w/ German@Bundeskanzler  Olaf Scholz, on whether Ukraine should compromise, his promised "Zeitenwende" and more ...

"Zeitenwende" - your word for the day. The sort of sensible nuance rarely offered by our MSM, where the only view tends most often is the American view

This is our Zeitenwende. Our turning point. It brings to mind that famous Gramsci quote: “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

Three days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Scholz announced a Zeitenwende, or historical turning point, for German foreign and defence policy. Read Bastian Giegerich and Ben Schreer’s evaluation.

Late last year I met with a number of German parliamentarians and figures from the country’s defence and security establishment at @BAKS_Bund ⁩. The Zeitenwende was still fairly ill-defined. A year on from the speech and that remains the case.

Despite mixed results, the Zeitenwende is irreversible, a "sincere and compelling articulation of the challenges posed by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine for Germany; there is no going back from that,” said @ConStelz 

LIVE | The future of Zeitenwende: One year since Germany’s historic turning point


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Germany’s @OlafScholz ⁩ promised a Zeitenwende. A year on, he has more than delivered on energy security and aid to Ukraine. But despite these remarkable achievements, he’s backtracking on the promise to rearm. My piece via @WSJ ⁩

Germany's Zeitenwende looks more and more like Zeitenslalom. I understand that changing a decades long foreign and security policy culture takes time. But Ukraine does not have time to wait. We need to go all in.

So ... Japan is restarting its nuclear reactors; Spending $300bn on defense; Easing towards the end of yield curve control ... What is the Japanese for Zeitenwende?

German language society chooses Scholz's phrase about Ukraine as word of the year 2022 zeitenwende'>Meet Zeitenwende, our new reality. The runner-up phrase is about Ukraine, too: Krieg um Frieden

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The Bundestag body set up in the spring to allocate Zeitenwende 100 bn for Gereman defense has met once. The German defence ministry had no procurement proposals to submit to it. Its next sitting will not be until February! Zeitenwende????

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What does “Zeitenwende” mean for the US and @NATO ? DE German Defense State Secretary Siemtje Möller writes: “In a nutshell: Germany will do its part to ensure that Europe becomes more capable of military action within the framework of NATO.”

Six months ago today Chancellor, @OlafScholz  delivered his famous “zeitenwende” speech. I wrote in @TheScotsman  this week about why 2022 feels less like a turning point & more like Gramsci’s interregnum, where “the old is dying and the new cannot be born.”

"Debt brake advocates promise it will protect future generations. In reality, it cripples them by preventing the necessary public investment in a prosperous future." @thorstenbenner  calls for a fiscal Zeitenwende in Germany:

German "Zeitenwende" to materialize in encrypted radios, ships and air defence

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Easy to shout from the sidelines, but sad to see that Germany did not do a Zeitenwende on Energiewende. Achievements of the anti-nuclear lobby since the 1970s: 1. Nuclear technology underdeveloped. 2. Fossile fuels overused. 3. Climate change accelerated. 4. Russian energy.