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Russian troops kidnapped mayor of KhersonEarlier, Ihor Kolykhayev refused to collaborate with RU occupation authorities. On June 28, FSB & Rosgvardia conducted a search & removed hard drives, while mayor was in separate office in handcuffs, his adviser Halyna Liashevska informs

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In terms of strategic importance the battle for control over the Kherson region is the by far most important part of the war in UA now. There is a clear RU intention to cut UA completely off from the Black Sea.

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After Russian troops took over the city of Kherson in early March, Ihor Kolykhayev remained there and continued to work as the mayor while refusing to cooperate with the occupying forces.

Russians appointed janitor as chief of their propaganda TV channel in occupied Kherson The occupation authorities created the "local" station Tavriya in the seized office of Suspilne Kherson, appointed its former janitor Lilia Makarova as "administrator"

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Armed Forces successfully conduct counterattack in the Kherson and Zaporizhia directions, - OC "South"

Russians conducts mass arrests of Crimean Tatars in Kherson Oblast - human rights org Russian occupation authorities detained about 50 people in Henichensk Raion. Some detainees were jailed in the Simferopol pre-trial detention center in occupied Crimea

in order to reach the administrative borders of the Kherson region. In readiness to launch missile strikes on objects on the territory of Ukraine, the enemy holds two carriers of cruise missiles of the naval base "Caliber".

Collaborator's car burned in temporarily occupied Kakhovka - RU state media TASS In occupied Kakhovka, Kherson Obl, partisans burned the car of the so-called "head of the education department" Iryna Makhnyova.

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Crimea, occupied by Russia, joins Kherson campaign of posters on the streets against Russian invaders. They say that Crimeans are waiting for Ukrainian army At the same time, 2 more Crimean Tatars were arrested on June 22 as arbitrary repressions continue

In Kherson, Russian occupiers broke the spine of a 70 yo journalist & volunteer because of her refusal to give away her Ukrainian passport Tetiana Antoniuk was brutally beaten on Russian checkpoint, &underwent complex surgery, Lviv hospital press center


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Residents in the Ukrainian city of Kherson chanted “go home” as they confronted two military vehicles with Russian markings on Sunday.

How is the annexation of Mariupol or Kherson a rational response to the alleged threat of NATO expansion? I honestly can't even understand the logic of the argument? & Putin is not even bothering to make the argument himself! He's talking now about Peter the Great, not NATO.

Video from pro-Russian Telegram: DNR 113th regiment complains to Putin they’ve been fighting on the front in Kherson region “in hunger and cold;” no meds. They say they’re thrown to the slaughter without proper weapons, and ask to return to Donetsk, to stop mobilization there.

Massive protests in Ukrainian cities occupied by Russia, making short work of Putin’s outlandish claims that the @UN-condemned  invasion is “liberation.” This is Kherson after the Russian conquest

Can someone explain to me how the annexation of Kherson would help Russia reduce the alleged security threat from NATO? Remember, we were told that Putin invaded Ukraine in response to the NATO threat.

Masses of ordinary Ukrainians are braving Russian invaders’ barrages to protest in occupied Kherson. A woman named Valentina Maganova says to the tune of gunfire: “We’re not afraid. Repost this across the world. Please, support us. Kherson is Ukraine!”

Chilling. Prisoner transport vehicles lining up in KhersonUA after the city was captured by RU after several days of fighting. Darkness descends. An empire of evil has come.

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Russian troops entered the Ukrainian city of Kherson, forcing their way into the council building, the mayor said, after a day of conflicting claims over whether Moscow had made the first major gain of a city in its eight-day-long invasion

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine portrayed invading Russian troops as directionless, even as Russia captured the city of Kherson. "They don't know why they are here," he said of Russian soldiers.