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@harari_yuval  on the surprisingly low price tag on preventing climate disaster

Labor MK @IbtisamMaraana  has tested positive for COVID-19, Knesset officer Yuval Chen reported on Saturday evening. #COVID19  | #Omicron  | #Israel 

@harari_yuval  on the surprisingly low price tag on preventing climate disaster

Today's Daily Spotlight: @harari_yuval  on the surprisingly low price tag on preventing climate disaster

Yuval Levin joins the @Commentary  podcast to talk about the Biden trip to Georgia to promote “voting rights”—and how the ideas promulgated by Democrats are both non-starters and have the effect of delegitimizing…Biden’s own victory in 2020! Tune in:

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"The most intense concerns about election administration on both the left and the right increasingly involve not voting itself but what happens after the voting is done," writes Yuval Levin.

"Our debates about election reform this past year have been misdirected in ways that have rendered them more divisive than they have to be," writes Yuval Levin.

"All of us saw just a year ago that Congress’s role in certifying presidential elections could be clarified and rid of opportunities for confusion and mischief," writes Yuval Levin.


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"It's the oldest trick in the book. It's divide and rule." Historian and author Yuval Noah Harari explains how dictatorships seize power in the latest Ways to Change the World episode.

Rashida Jones and I talked to Yuval Noah Harari about COVID conspiracy theories, the role social media plays in spreading misinformation, and the one lie I choose to believe even though I know it’s not always true:

A clarifying call from Yuval. “In this time of crisis, we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity.”

When Yuval Levin stops being polite, and starts getting real. Worth the read.

Historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari: Humankind is now facing what is perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation. The decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks will probably shape the world for years to come 

weighing the U.S. response to #COVID  pandemic, Yuval Levin of @NationalAffairs  says "in a crisis, the president has to be an inside player..operating arms of the government from within. This president just has no conception of how that is supposed to work"

‘Irresponsible politicians have undermined trust of public in science, in experts’ – historian Yuval Noah Harari tells @krishgm 

"It's coming back to haunt us because, in this moment of crisis, we need this kind of trust." Author Yuval Noah Harari says "over the last few years irresponsible politicians have undermined the trust in the public in science, in experts, in the information that they receive."