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A widow has blamed an artificial intelligence chatbot for her husband's suicide

The murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbell has not “completely changed” how people in Liverpool feel about speaking to the police, a youth worker has said

RT @ninamoini : Gathering at the State Capitol for #TransDayofVisability  started with a rally led by youth, then will hear from several lawm…

👉Villagers from different communities have damaged, destroyed, looted, and burned hundreds of houses, as well as schools and health centers. 👉Congolese security forces have allegedly committed extrajudicial executions, looting, and sexual violence.

“We will not let it be forgotten,” Zelenskyy said at a ceremony in Bucha, vowing to punish those who committed outrages in the town. “Human dignity will not let it be forgotten. On the streets of Bucha, the world has seen Russian evil. Evil unmasked.”

@TheGreenLineTO  takes a look at a new centre that aims to tackle the root causes of youth violence in the city through a community-driven approach

There’s also a youth therapy program by Charlotte non-profit, the Council of Elders, that aims to curb gun violence among teens before it begins. But can therapy stop bullets? These trauma counselors think it might

Some 1.5 million German households are spending more than half of their income on rent, a study shows. Poorer people and city dwellers face the biggest burdens.

A nip of alcohol here and there probably won’t kill you, but it won’t help you live longer either, a new study shows


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@greg_price11  @Liz_CheneyB  @AdamKinzingere  @RepAdamSchiffsides  misleading the public, they withheld evidence for partisan political reasons that sent people to prison for far more serious crimes than they committed. That is deeply wrong, legally and morally.

If you're part of today's woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control.

I had a great conversation with Korea’s President@moonriver365  & his Special Envoys for Future Generations & Culture - @BTS_twt  They are so deeply committed to inspiring their fans to embrace the #GlobalGoals  and be the change our world so desperately needs. Video coming soon!

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Firefighter catches suicide jumper in mid-air 🤯

White Americans are the biggest terror threat in U.S., study finds

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Government of India has decided to cancel the Class XII CBSE Board Exams. After extensive consultations, we have taken a decision that is student-friendly, one that safeguards the health as well as future of our youth.

As people exercise their right to protest all across the country––let the undeniable paths of our progress be a guide going forward: peaceful, sustained protest; strategic, committed organizing; and purposeful, overwhelming participation at the ballot box.

Young people all over the world are leading the way in the fight to protect our planet because they know their future depends on it. This Earth Day, I want to celebrate the courageous, committed young leaders who are stepping up to save the one planet we've got.

In celebration of whatever the fuck maga night is, I am committed to donating $100,000 to the bail outs of protestors across the country.

We deeply believe that this country's most precious gift is our children. They are our future. We must keep them safe. Beginning today, DICK'S Sporting Goods is committed to the following:

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