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One Catholic mother's school board testimony in Virginia was so successful at boosting support for youngkin'>Glenn Youngkin that conservative activists have seized on it in other states.

White women backed Glenn Youngkin for Virginia governor. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise, experts say.

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin (R) will take office Jan. 15 with an asset that few other Virginia governors have enjoyed: a state budget that’s flush with historic amounts of cash.

Also among the scores of people on what Youngkin called “landing teams” are health care experts, veterans, attorneys and early campaign supporters.

Virginia Gov.-elect Youngkin names “landing teams” to help set up his administration

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin has tapped a cadre of Republican legislators to lead his administration's transition at the state's top agencies.

Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin said he has assembled transition teams that will examine "all agencies" to “see how government can begin to serve Virginians better."


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So it's interesting. Youngkin's underage son not only tried to vote illegally. He also tried to vote at a precinct where his family doesn't live. After being turned away once he returned to the same precinct where his family doesn't live and again demanded to vote.

BREAKING: The teenage son of youngkin'>Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin twice tried to cast a ballot on Election Day despite being underage, election officials confirm to News4.

I love that Terry McAuliffe couldn’t attack Youngkin’s Carlyle group record because McAuliffe was an investor in a Carlyle fund. Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats!

Dem Party operatives and MSNBC "analysts" spent the day spreading a photo that was dubious from the start - staged to make it appear neo-Nazis were supporting youngkin'>Glenn Youngkin - and now it turns out that, yet again, they spread disinformation. Over and over: the same people do this

Tomorrow is Election Day in Virginia. If you haven’t already, please vote for my friend Youngkin' alt='GlennYoungkin' /'>@GlennYoungkin  for Governor!

Youngkin was able to feed vile lies directly to his base through a right-wing media machine that ceaselessly amplified his garbage. How can democracy survive this?

Whoever wins today, Dems will have to reckon with this: They are facing a lopsided communications imbalance, one that enablied Youngkin and his allies to employ a massive propaganda apparatus to pump right wing sewage at the GOP base for months. My latest:

Can someone ask Youngkin' alt='GlennYoungkin' /'>@GlennYoungkin  why he allowed a celebration of the Jan 6 insurrection at his campaign event tonight?