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New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended pending an investigation after reportedly exposing himself during a video teleconference; Toobin described the incident as an accident.

WICKET. Nortje crashes through the defence of Rahul Tripathi with a yorker for 13. Tripathi put on 24 runs with Rana 36/2 in 6 overs. End of powerplay #KKRvsDC  #IPL  #IPLinUAEi #KolkataKnightRiders #DelhiCapitalsU  @gulf_newsA @sak86E

RIP @jerryjeffwalker , a New Yorker who became a Texas cosmic cowboy, a great gonzo storyteller in word and song. #MrBojangles 

NOLTE: "New Yorker contributor and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating during a video conference with his New Yorker colleagues, and because he’s a Trump hater, the corrupt media are pulling out all the stops to defend and reinstate him."

It’s a complicated time for the city we love. To say the very least. But we all care about its fate. Whether you’re a New Yorker by address, or a New Yorker at heart, WNYC is here for you. Show your support by donating on the last day of our pledge drive:

Here’s some New Yorker goon casually insinuating like a little Joe McCarthy heir that a bunch of US journalists & others he randomly selected are united in an Russian plot. The conspiracy theories recklessly disseminated by mainstream outlets are vastly more damaging than QAnon.

We Finally Won Just Cause Protection at The New Yorker after AOC and Warren Refused to Cross Our Picket Line | Labor Notes

Planning your #Halloween  costume? Think about a costume that includes a face covering – be a doctor, nurse, cowboy, masked bandit or a 2020 New Yorker! Or buy or make a face covering with a mustache, mouth or other image on it that’s part of your costume:

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Just in the last few hours... - Hope Hicks tests positive for Covid - New Yorker publishes investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Kimberly Guilfoyle - Leaked audio of Melania saying ‘give me a f*cking break’ about outrage re kids in cages Just another Thursday.

BREAKING: I am announcing a new directive requiring NY health insurers to waive cost sharing associated with testing for #coronavirus , including emergency room, urgent care and office visits. We can't let cost be a barrier to access to COVID-19 testing for any New Yorker.

New Yorker: “in a final act of revenge,” WH made clear “Trump opposed Vindman’s promotion. Senior Administration officials told Esper and Ryan McCarthy, the Secretary of the Army, to dig for misconduct that would justify blocking Vindman’s promotion.”

We are going to fight every way we can to save every life that we can. That’s what it means to be an American and that’s what it means to be a New Yorker.

I love you New York!!! The only city where we could do this. As a native New Yorker (birth, high school, college and Tonight Show) I thank you for always being an inspiration to me. #BTSonFallon 

No New Yorker should have to choose between their health and their right to vote. I am issuing an Executive Order mandating that the State Board of Elections automatically mail all registered voters postage-paid applications for an absentee ballot.

Who would Jesus vote for? To him walls, wealth, & torture are non-starters, so probably the Jewish New Yorker from Vermont.

Post-Charlottesville covers of The Economist, The New Yorker and TIME.

“The American Media has changed forever. News organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct. Those that remain have now degraded themselves beyond recognition, like the New Yorker - or they’ve been purchased by Jeff Bezos to conduct unregistered lobbying for.........

One of my constituents went to the FBI with evidence that Judge Kavanaugh was in touch with the wife of an alleged eye witness regarding Ms. Ramirez’s allegations of sexual misconduct before the New Yorker story broke. The FBI never called her back.