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New York’s governor gained national attention last spring, and won an International Emmy, but lately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shied away from the public as he faces sexual harassment allegations.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gained national attention for daily, televised news briefings about the COVID-19 pandemic. Lately, though, he has shied away from coming face to face with reporters.

New York’s governor gained national attention for his daily news briefings at which he answered questions about the coronavirus. But lately Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shied away from in-person news conferences as he faces sexual harassment allegations.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will sign a bill requiring all Internet service providers in New York to offer affordable broadband access for low-income families

Governor Andrew Cuomo signs a bill requiring all ISPs in New York to offer basic broadband access to low-income families for no more than $15 a month @sserve  / Bloomberg)

On fathers and sons, macho politics and the fate of Andrew Cuomo - this week's podcast focuses on New York, where the governor clings to power and the mayor's job is up for grabs. I discuss it all with NY sage @agrenell 

New York State collected $3 billion more tax revenue in the last fiscal year than projected by Governor Andrew Cuomo two months ago

Auto and horse racing events can have up to 20 percent capacity in New York starting April 23, according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has estimated that the state will raise an initial $20 million from the first year of #marijuana  licensing fees. #NewYork  #Cuomo  #cannabis 


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The lunatics are trying to cancel Looney Tunes when they have a real live Pepe le Pew in Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. Maybe they should focus their energy there. My thoughts.

BREAKING: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo To Be Stripped of Emergency CoVID Powers

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to put New York at the END of the Vaccine List in that he doesn’t trust the @FDA  or Federal Government, even though the Vaccines are being developed by the finest Labs in the World. Wish he trusted us on Nursing Homes!

I love New York, but New York can never be great again under the current leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo (the brother of Fredo), or Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Cuomo has weaponized the prosecutors to do his dirty work (and to keep him out of jams), a reason some don’t want to be...

It is very hard and expensive to live in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo uses his Attorney General as a bludgeoning tool for his own purposes. They sue on everything, always in search of a crime. I even got sued on a Foundation which took Zero rent & expenses & gave away...

Janice Dean: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Needs To Be Investigated For Sending Recovering Covid Patients Into Nursing Homes

Andrew Cuomo is obstructing doctors from prescribing New Yorkers access to potentially life-saving hydroxychloroquine. The governor is failing the people of New York AGAIN.

Andrew Cuomo has turned his blunt, slideshow-aided daily press conferences on the Coronavirus into must watch TV for people far beyond New York. And, in doing so, the governor has set up a powerful contrast with Donald Trump. More here w/ @GregJKrieg :

New York State and its Governor, Andrew Cuomo, are now proud members of the group of PRESIDENTIAL HARASSERS. No wonder people are fleeing the State in record numbers. The Witch Hunt continues!

Wow! Big pushback on Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York for his really dumb statement about America’s lack of greatness. I have already MADE America Great Again, just look at the markets, jobs, military- setting records, and we will do even better. Andrew “choked” badly, mistake!