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Why is China smashing its tech industry? The same old authoritarian instinct that those in power know what is “good” better than markets. But yes, breaking up monopolies, & rent seeking, is good.

Does saying sorry ever change anything though? #insiders  I can’t remember a time when political debate in this country was so 😴 …. Hold on actually yes I can

Am I going to cry every time they show Olympians' families who can't be in Tokyo? (Yes.)

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the world famous @ApolloTheater  with @JOYPAULIAN  and Billy Mitchell on #JoyToTheWorld ! Watch now on the YES App:

Interesting results from two questions I asked Canberrans in our telephone town hall: * Have you seen one of the federal government's vaccine ads? 57% Yes, 43% No * Should we open Australia's international border when a majority of Australians are vaccinated? 51% Yes, 49% No

Some interesting main event betting factoids, courtesy of @BetMGM : * Sandhagen opened -160, now -225 * Dillashaw opened +135, now +175 Most prop bet action: * Sandhagen by KO/TKO, DQ or Submission (+125) * Will fight go distance: Yes (+240) * Over 2.5 Rounds (+100)

Dear How to Do It: Yes, my husband caught me making out with my boss. If only he understood what was really going on.

ICYMI yesterday/earlier today There is nothing normal about the Tokyo Olympics. That includes Team USA’s performance on Day 1 (Yes, it’s early. But 50 years is still 50 years.)

Yes, Vox is on TikTok. Yes, we’re beyond excited to unpack current events, hidden histories, and scientific mysteries. No, we don’t have any viral dance videos up (yet).

"Hey, can you help me grow my Twitter followers?" Yes, I've written a book and included all my secrets, you'll gain followers right away. Here's the link WAIT, that means I'll have to spend money, don't you have a PDF you can send me? x

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Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird

Almost ten years I go, I envisioned having my own weed company. And today I can say that my company Houseplant's weed will be available in California next week! Also, Houseplant is making lovely Housegoods like ashtrays, lighters, and YES, even ceramics.

Yes, remember that the United States Constitution says that “no Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress” who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against" the Constitution, “or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

at a Covid testing site (wearing masks), handing over paperwork for me & two of my kids: woman looking over papers: "okay... Anthony, Keegan and Kadence... Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?" me: yes her: "Are you pulling my leg?" me: no, we are all directly related to him

Should President Trump concede to Biden? Poll Results: No: 190,593 (98.9%) Yes: 2,181 (1.1%) Total Votes: 192,774. @gregkellyfox5 @newsmax For the good of our Country we must prevail!

Joe Biden will win the popular vote by over 4 million votes. The Democratic nominee for president has now won the popular vote in 7 out of the last 8 elections. One person, one vote. Democracy must rule. Yes. We should abolish the electoral college.

Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me. The answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most important Election of your life!

If you paid $12.99 a month for an Amazon Prime membership, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in federal income taxes over the past 3 years combined—after making nearly $30 billion in profits. Yes. It's time to make corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Yes. Trump's not alone. Federal income taxes paid by corporations a year after his tax plan was signed into law: $0: Amazon $0: GM $0: Netflix $0: Chevron $0: FedEx $0: Eli Lilly $0: Starbucks Dr. King was right. We have socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the rest.