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The conflict in Yemen has already claimed 233,000 lives. This staggering number is unacceptable. #YemenCantWait 

The favorite to lead the UN Human Rights Council was Fiji's highly regarded ambassador (photo), but Fiji backed investigations in Venezuela, Belarus, Syria and Yemen, so obstructionist China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are pushing for Saudi surrogate Bahrain.

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OPINION -- #Yemen , the next laboratory for terrorism

Dozens of rights groups denounce $23bn US arms sales to UAE due to its role in Libya and Yemen conflicts

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Once again, a man quite literally has to do just the bare minimum: 1- Don't dismember journalists. 2- Stop killing kids in Yemen. 3- #FreeLoujain  & stop arresting women. Sounds pretty straightforward, but is he in too deep? via @wheresvarsha 

Gender-based violence has surged by 63% since conflict erupted in Yemen, aid groups say

Biden could break with Obama as well as Trump when it comes to the war in Yemen.

Labeling the Houthi rebels as terrorists would prolong Yemen’s war, not end it, writes @Rob_Malley  and @altoflacoblanco  in @PostEverything 

Tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced in Yemen’s civil war, which has been labeled by the United Nations as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. (AFP)


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My Administration has suspended the entry of refugees from terror-compromised nations such as Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Biden’s plan surges refugees 700% into Minnesota, Michigan & Pennsylvania—burdening schools & hospitals while opening the floodgates to Radical Islamic Terror.

Starving children are being forced to eat leaves in a desperate bid for survival, as conditions in Yemen become a ‘living hell’.

Please be sure to share this information about the crisis in Yemen. They absolutely need our help right now by means of donations and awareness. I have made a $20,000 donation here: For more info & how to help:

It is my honor today to announce that Danny Burch, a United States citizen who has been held hostage in Yemen for 18 months, has been recovered and reunited with his wife and children. I appreciate the support of the United Arab Emirates in bringing Danny home...

We must do more than just stop war with Iran. We must firmly commit to ending U.S. military presence in the Middle East in an orderly manner. We must end our involvement in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. We must bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

Trump just killed the Al Queda leader in Yemen. Another disgusting terrorist (austere religious scholar in media speak) bites the dust. Meanwhile Democrats are learning how to count and failing basic addition. Thank you @realDonaldTrump 

Another one bites the dust. Thanks @realDonaldTrump ⁩ for taking the fight to these monsters and taking out their leadership one by one. Amazing work. U.S. Strikes at Leader of Qaeda in Yemen - The New York Times

72% of refugees admitted into U.S. (2/3 -2/11) during COURT BREAKDOWN are from 7 countries: SYRIA, IRAQ, SOMALIA, IRAN, SUDAN, LIBYA & YEMEN

The Yemen War is spiraling out of control. The Saudi/UAE/U.S. coalition bombed a Doctors Without Borders cholera treatment facility earlier today. Let me repeat that - the U.S helped bomb A DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS CHOLERA TREATMENT FACILITY.

U.S. bombs. U.S. targeting. U.S. mid air support. And we just bombed a SCHOOL BUS. The Saudi/UAE/U.S. bombing campaign is getting more reckless, killing more civilians, and strengthening terrorists inside Yemen. We need to end this - NOW.