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From our @NewsHour  conversation: "What at the time was important to the Kremlin's image masters was to contrast Putin with boozehound Yeltsin. He had to be pushed to be the tough guy. It wasn't something he felt comfortable doing. But we weren't really in on the joke...

One last thing: I remember, in 1996 in Russia, when the free media decided to unite behind yeltsin'>Boris Yeltsin, because "God forbid a Communist win." Yeltsin won the election--the last free one in Russia, the last one where the media was free to choose whom to support.

Kremlin, 1996. President Clinton is convinced to come to Russia to support BorisYeltsin's presidential bid, and promises to stop political talk abt expanding NATO. Communists are threatening oligarchs who run Russia, Yeltsin is their man in the race. from BBC films "TraumaZone"

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The gowanus Whole Foods is a testament to America. Forget Yeltsin losing his mind, if Marx saw it he would rescind his entire body of work. Makes the pyramids and the Great Wall of China look like a dump. Better prices than my local crap supermarkets. Give Bezos gang twitter.

There is a not insignificant chance that “Verification perestroika” sees the Twitter Soviet effectively dissolved by all the separatist components ejecting themselves from the Union & forging their own independent states. Or maybe that’s already happened & Elon is also Yeltsin?

"Like Johnson today, Yeltsin had no fear of 'the people'. And he used his populist gifts in his pursuit of power, or – if you prefer it – his mission to save his country," writes @marydejevsky  #BorisJohnson  #COP27  #brexit  #indyref 

A tale of two Borises: What do Johnson and Yeltsin have in common? | Mary Dejevsky

"Like Johnson today, Yeltsin had no fear of 'the people'. And he used his populist gifts in his pursuit of power, or – if you prefer it – his mission to save his country," writes @marydejevsky  #BorisJohnson  #COP27  #brexit  #indyref 

We have disdain for Putin being under the thumb of the siloviki or Yeltsin the oligarchs, but that is precisely what we have in Jeremy Hunt. A man who will sell out britain to please “the markets”. Great.

Obviously bond markets matter. But the same bullheaded commitment to pleasing the markets regardless of how they hurt the people of Russia is what brought us Putin. Yeltsin’s commitment to shock therapy regardless of the domestic consequences is what killed democracy there.


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I was in Russia a lot in the 1990s. Then, I knew all these warmongers on tv & at think tanks now. Back then, almost all of them were pro-democracy & pro-West because Yeltsin was president. Many of them were paid by US institutions. Now, they've changed with the wind. Disgusting.

Let’s not forget that there was a time of hope. At Council of Europe summit in 1997 yeltsin'>President YeltsinRU said that “we are coming close to creating a new and big Europe without dividing lines, a Europe where no country would dictate its will to others.”

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Putin wants you to believe that he was some kind of correction to the 1990s, but in truth he was a member of the the ruling elite in the 1990s. Chubais gave him his job in the Kremlin. Yeltsin made him president. #inconvenientfacts  .

In the 1990s, Putin was not protesting the collapse of the USSR. He was the consummate opportunist. He worked for Sobchak & Yeltsin, 2 leaders who helped destroy the USSR! He was an accidental president, chosen by Yeltsin. Don’t buy into his revisionist mythology.

30 years, I used to write one the great achievements of Russian leaders (Gorbachev and Yeltsin) is that they managed the end of empire relatively peacefully compared to other imperial ends. Putin has now proven me wrong.

Im happy to have engage in the debate about "who is to blame" for Putin's rise. (Hint: Yeltsin played a role orders of magnitude greater than NATO expansion). I wrote a whole book about it in 2018. But not now. Now the focus must be ideas to help Ukraine repel Putin's invasion.

One of the worst decisions of the 21st century: Yeltsin decision to appoint Putin as acting President on January 1, 2000.

This video reminds me of a very ill yeltsin'>Boris Yeltsin running for reelection in 1996. Anyone else remember his dancing?

You found it! Eerily similar right? (Yeltsin was hiding that he’d just had a series heart attack)

In 1995, a drunk Boris Yeltsin was found outside the White House wearing only his underpants and trying to hail a taxi so he could get pizza.