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What the hell? NYC is different man Yeah way different. 😆 RT *ECM_LP

Yeah, you both benefit from a caste system, we get it

Yeah I mean just stfu with that nonsense. They are nowhere close to the USWNT.

Yeah, that strikes me as a waste.

Someone that tweets, “Hey y’all all I need is a few more followers to hit 2k please help me I got a cat and a dog to feed:) Yeah, they’re going to get a lot of followers alright—a lot of Fake accounts. Bots use keyword searches to find those unaware. %

Part of me is like - yeah I want that

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Yeah some vaxxed people still get sick. PROBABLY BECAUSE WE CANT’T AVOID CONTACT WITH UNVAXXED PEOPLE. “You might get sick even if I were vaccinated” anecdotes are terrible arguments when you’re significantly more likely than a vaxxed person to be infectious around me. Asshole 😤

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It’s always amusing to me when Hamilton and Verstappen get stuck in the midfield and whinge about how crap their cars are in traffic. Yeah guys, that’s what everyone else’s car is like every week. #F1 

I'm against the '80s I don't care what you say I'm against the '80s You don't listen to me anyway Well I'm for the '70s Oh and for the '90s too Yeah I'm against the '80s Cos girl look what they've done to you

Six point game, 8 minutes to go; yeah, Canada's got a bit of life


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Hey you … Yeah you Queen … You’re gonna make it! 💕💕

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July 2015: hottest July on record July 2016: hottest July on record July 2017: hottest July on record July 2018: hottest July on record July 2019: hottest July on record June 2021: hottest June on record Yeah. It's time we got our act together and took bold action on climate.

Yeah, I lift a little …

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Yeah, I haven’t & won’t sell any Doge

Yeah, no, sorry. Not gonna do "My Corona."

Election officials are saying they fear for their lives. The president's son is calling for "total war." The president's former top adviser is calling for the beheading of the FBI chief. But yeah, those of us who talk of authoritarianism & fascism, we're the alarmists, right?

Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever watched the Patriots get eliminated?

Holy hell. Imagine your country’s democracy was just attacked and the first time you talk to the Ambassador from the attacking country and you don’t condemn them for the attack? Instead, you ask them to go easy on us? Yeah, Flynn lied. He also betrayed America.

My Q: When will everyone who needs a coronavirus test be able to get a test? Pres Trump: “No-one is talking about this except you, which doesn’t surprise me." My Q: What about people w/ symptoms who cannot get a test? Trump: "Yeah, well, OK. I’m not— I'm not hearing it."