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Bumped into "friend" I hadn't seen in 4 YEARS yest. I'm like "DUDE how are you!?". FIRST words out of his mouth: "Did you get the vaccine?". I say no. He says "Don't talk to me then". I say "Did you get it?". "Yeah!". I go, "So what are you worried about then?" Him:

Anyone else notice how often the Marshall Government is mentioning Green Hydrogen since Labor announced our Energy Policy centred on Green Hydrogen? Yeah me too. Shame they haven’t over the last 3 years while other states have over taken SA in the push to create a new industry

Yeah. And presumably the Home Office would have a thing or two to say about a Chief Constable basically declaring UDI

Yeah, I’m gonna keep wearing a mask on planes.

Brad Close continued: “Yeah definitely, when our back line is set we are strong and I think if we can push enough pressure up the ground, it’ll really help our forwards out.” #AFL  #AFLCatsNorthCatsNorth 

Yeah, if the #Habs  could go ahead and get their shit together to beat the friggin Senators for once in their lives THAT’D BE GREAT.


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Hey you … Yeah you Queen … You’re gonna make it! 💕💕

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Yeah, I lift a little …

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Yeah I'm EMO who fucking cares

Yeah I'm in a group for guys and me yeah were pretty good and we call ourselves 1d ,

Rumors I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6 

Yeah my fans are passionate and maybe a little crazy. But they are my kinda crazy. #beliebers  go hard. Love u

Lots of people saying they don't want wwa tour to end but I think... yeah u do there may b something else lined up