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Just saw the video of Ryan Day versus Greg Schiano. Who ya got?

What a crazy 2.5 years it has been since COVID stopped the world... Let's take a look at some of the COVID Market Darlings. Where are they now? 🧵👇 If ya traded some of these names, drop a like!

I was trying to put some of y’all on last year but ya just didn’t see the vision G🌐D DID

We say see-ya to San Diego with this end of #Nuggets  training camp update ⬇️. Next? Preseason game No. 1 on Monday night.

@edstromandrew  Ha. Ya. Unfortunate. Bond Wipeout probably wipes away another that 50t number is probably close to total damage done so far. Expecting more damage in the upcoming weeks.

Wow tweet quality control ngmi this morning...blame it on lack of coffee. Here ya go

We don’t even have nandos in this city. Need to go to London keee go reka nama ya kgomo ele baya! Apparently there’s a South African chisanyama there 🫢

Bestselling YA author @KatCho  talks about women+girls in her books, the Fantasy genre, sexism in society, as well as why #VAW  has to end #Read4Pixels 


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If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya

some days start better than others how ya end them is what counts

VOTE. Ya ain’t got shit else to do man! Get yo ass off the couch and go vote!!! I don’t wanna hear another excuse!! Stop believing that your vote and voice don’t matter! This the illest way to for the change you want!!!

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Oh my days...time and time again you guys do it for us . Payno love ya bro. @benwinston  @GabeTurner73  @bigboturner  @Fulwell73 

Never wana sound like a moaner , just a bit of chill time , ya know?

That's a little bit of AM for ya. One of my favourites also .. Brings back good memories of the writing of it..

Happy new year everyone ! 2018 let’s be havin ya . Have a good one people

When ya wake up full of aches and pains and sweating like crazy! Not good ! #manflu 

If you look closely ... you can see your trophy cabinet ?? #YaGunnersYa