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Bottom is in and #Bitcoin  is going to $150,000 which is great for #XRP !

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Would you rather be forced to hold 10,000 $XRP for 10 years, or hold 70 $QNT?

Breaking: US FED Chair Jerome Powell says he "expects 2023 to be a year of significant decline in inflation." 🚨 #crypto  #bitcoin  $icp $xrd $vxv $xrp

did not enjoy looking at this chart $XRPSorry....

@MaxEntropyy  @RippleS  @Fame21Mooreo  XRP' alt='BankXRP' /'>@BankXRP  @IOV_OWLy  @sentosumosabao  @mollyelmore22u  @ValhilCapital  are saying you’ve been involved for around a decade and still don’t know the difference between RippleNet and the XRP Ledger?

Ripple Eyeing Move to London Over XRP-Friendly Stance, CEO Says

The opportunity cost with $XRP can be pretty bad. My strategy with XRP has always been to get up to a comfortable amount and then sit on it and use any new capital to swing trade coins that move.


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JUST IN: Coinbase Wallet will no longer support #XRP  as of December 5th, 2022.

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How the SEC Hurt XRP Investors at Just the Right Time

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BREAKING: @Ripple 's legal team tell @FoxBusiness  they have no plans to settle w @SEC_Enforcement  over lawsuit on XRP, confident they can show @GaryGensler  in pursuing the case is picking winners and losers in the #Crypto  business to the detriment of innovation. Story developing

Value of $1,000 invested 1 year ago: Shiba Inu: $740,259,740 Axie Infinity: $1,082,920 Telcoin: $130,144 Polygon: $127,867 Solana: $119,828 Dogecoin: $95,882 Binance Coin: $21,972 Cardano: $19,527 Polkadot: $11,780 Uniswap: $10,055 Ethereum: $9,798 XRP: $4,527 Bitcoin: $3,885