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Has #WorldWar3  Begun? The entry of superpowers almost certain in the ongoing #Azerbaijan- #Armenia war

We got #Poland  locked up at least if #worldwar3  kicks off outside of where it has already started.

Me after hearing #worldwar3  after this ridiculous first half of 2020

fun monday morning thread time! here are all of the #worldwar3  tik toks that we referenced in the show:

Why did images of conventional warfare dominate #WorldWar3  memes? @ibogost  explains.

#Iran keep #WorldWar3  fears alive after promising 'harsher revenge'


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Prayers for our soldiers! ✊???|| ? @Diddy  #WorldWarlll  #WorldWar3 

For once in his life, Donald Trump was telling the truth. #Suleimani  #worldwar3  h/t @PeterHoskinsTV 

Newsweek’s claim #Putin  is planning #WorldWar3  is completely fake (Op-Ed by @27khv )

Lex Luger and Randy Savage WENT TO WAR twenty-two years ago today at #WCW  WorldWar3! @WWENetwork 

World War 3: North Korea could hit mainland US with operational NUKE by next year #NorthKorea  #worldwar3  #USA 

BREAKING: China and South Korea to hold 'emergency summit' amid rising North Korea threat #China  #worldwar3 

Morbid fascination or genuine distress? Google searches for #WorldWar3  at record high.

Is this the start of World War III? That's what people are worried about: (Getty) #worldwar3 

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PM plays IS card: "I never said if we leave on Thurs, WorldWar3 breaks out on Fri". BUT "Putin might be happy, Al Baghdadi might be happy"